7 Things You Must Do When Visiting Rome

Known as the Eternal City and the City of Love, Rome draws millions of visitors each year. While they all come to bask at the marvels – ancient and modern alike – there are certain things that holidaymakers simply must do to make sure their adventures in this city are complete.

Considering that the history of Rome dates back thousands of years, there are more than a few “must-do” things to put on a tour itinerary. Here are just seven of them:

  • Check out the Forum – Walk in the footsteps of Julius Caesar while visiting this once-important seat of ancient government. Nestled between the Palatine and Capitoline Hills, these ancient ruins date back to 500 B.C. or so.
  • Marvel at the Colosseum – No trip to Rome is complete without a stop at this ancient structure dedicated in 80 A.D. Home to some of the fiercest gladiator battles in all of history, this ancient structure is a wonder to behold.
  • Behold the Pantheon – Known as a temple for all the ancient gods, this site, built in 118 A.D., is also a burial ground for kings and other dignitaries. The body of the legendary artist Raphael was laid to rest on this important site, as well.
  • Gaze at the Sistine Chapel’s ceiling – A day tour of Vatican City and its museums is an absolute must. While here be sure to check out Michelangelo’s masterful works on the Sistine Chapel’s ceiling.
  • Toss a coin in the fountain – The famed Trevi Fountain is a feast for the eyes with its over-the-top baroque styling. Thousands of visitors each year make wishes while tossing coins into this fountain, which boasts a breathtaking marble statue of Neptune at its center.
  • Explore modern artists – The MAXXI museum is the place to go if contemporary art is a passion. The building itself with its “floating” staircases, unique lines and walls of glass is a marvel to behold on its own.
  • Savor the cuisine – From the rich espressos served up at street cafes to fried artichokes and classic Roman pastas, the cuisine here is a treat for the senses.

Private tour operators can help vacationers map out the perfect adventure in Rome. From these seven must-do things and hundreds more, private tours provide travelers a distinct way to explore the Eternal City.