Amalfi Coast Guide for an Awesome Amalfi Coast Tour

Cliffside towns, heritage sites, beaches, and turquoise waters are only some of the main draws of Italy’s Amalfi Coast. Located south of Naples, this famed region is well worth visiting if only for its picturesque small towns. The Amalfi Coast is easiest to reach via Naples. Buses and trains serve the area, although schedules vary greatly by season. When planning a tour of the coast, take note of high seasons, which run between April and October. The peak months of July and August see the most tourists, and therefore, more frequent transfers. Off-season tours are also great, if you want to avoid the crowds, although navigating to and from the coast can be more challenging via public transport. Driving to Amalfi is always an option, although parking can be expensive, let alone complicated. This, however, is often the best way to explore what Amalfi towns have to offer.

You may also reach the Amalfi Coast via Ferry from Salerno and Sorrento, although boat transfers are only convenient during high seasons, when trips are more frequent. Amalfi and Positano are the most convenient towns from which to explore the rest of the coast, although you can also choose smaller towns like Capri, which is also convenient to nearby areas. Hotels and budget accommodations abound in the Amalfi Coast and most of them are located very close to major attractions. Beachside hotels are also worth the splurge if you want to be close to sea.

The private tour to Amalfi Coast is also a haven for adventure, much like everywhere else in Italy. Some of the most sought-after things to do in the region include boat tours through the coast, hiking the Path of the Gods, and living the beach life on the numerous coves and beach stretches that dot the coast.