Amalfi Coast Private Tour – Top Tips for an Extraordinary Tour

The beauty of southern Italy’s Amalfi Coast makes it a top travel destination for tourists from all over the world. This history, culture and stunning landscapes of this region also make it a favorite vacation destination for those who call Italy home. Considering its broad appeal, it shouldn’t be surprising there are many tour package options to choose from when this is the destination of choice. Sorting through them all can be overwhelming, but there are some tips that can help guarantee an extraordinary tour. The first one is to work with a private tour operator to plan a custom-designed tour from start to finish.

Private tour operators are different than other travel providers that may offer Amalfi Coast tours. Whereas others may sell group tour packages or daytrip options, private tour operators are poised to help their clients build itineraries from the ground up. Once set, the tour plans are carried out for the exclusive benefit of the single booking party. That means guests enjoy a luxurious, private experience. These tours also include private guides and drivers, which means travelers gain the benefits of group travel without the potential pitfalls of vacationing with strangers.

When putting together a private tour, these tips can help ensure an extraordinary time:

  • Carefully detail the desired stops and landmark visits – The Amalfi Coast is home to some of Italy’s most beautiful whitewashed, seaside towns. If any particular stops, such as Positano and Minori, must be included, let the tour operator know. Since the tour is being custom designed, it may be possible to work stops in at such places as the ancient Roman village in Minori.
  • Articulate any adventures that must be included – Exploring the beaches will, no doubt, be a top priority, but there are other adventures to consider along the coast. Some travelers may want to consider a side trip to the Fiordo of Furore or a wine and food tour that exposes them to the culinary sensations that set the Amalfi Coast apart. The best tour operators will be able to accommodate.

Making sure a tour of the Amalfi Coast is extraordinary doesn’t have to be difficult. Private tours enable discerning travelers to explore the region, its sights and culture in a distinct and luxurious way.