Benefits of Private Guided Tours in Italy

When most people think of traveling to a new country they figure they have two options for doing so: going it alone or booking a group tour. While each option can produce tremendous memories that will last a lifetime, both do have their drawbacks. There is a third way to experience the best of Italy that not everyone knows about. Private guided tours in Italy provide the intimacy many desire with all the benefits of group tours combined.

Private guided tours in Italy are trips that are put together and hosted specifically for a booking party. That means a guided tour will be conducted for a single traveler, a couple or a small group that only includes people designated by the booking party. The benefits private guided tours in Italy can provide include:

  • Incredibly detailed, customizable itineraries – Creating a workable itinerary alone can be a logistical nightmare for travelers coming to Italy from other countries. While group tours offer great itineraries, travelers cannot adjust them due to the needs of the entire group. Private guided tours, however, can be fully customized to meet the specific requirements of a booking party. While pre-set itineraries will also be available, guests can work directly with private tour operators to completely design their vacations from top to bottom if they so desire.
  • All the little details that are taken care of – It’s the little details that can be a real obstacle to enjoying a vacation in a new country. Private tour operators go above and beyond in seeing to it that every detail is tended to. From booking four- or five-star accommodations and making reservations for fine dining to picking up tickets for tourist attractions, such as the Vatican museum, private tour operators make sure their guests can simply enjoy their vacations without worry or stress.
  • Having accessibly to guides and drivers – One of the perils of traveling alone lies in getting lost or missing out on richly detailed explanations of landmarks and points of interest. While group tours cover these points, guests have to travel with others and compete with others for guide attention. On a private guided tour in Italy, guests benefit from drivers and guides who cater solely to them.

A private guided tour in Italy provides the intimacy of going it alone with the perks of group travel. By blending the best of both styles of travel, these tours meet the exclusive needs of discerning holidaymakers who simply want to enjoy the very best of Italy without any hassles.