Book Your Classic and Luxurious Tour to Italy’s Lakes and Watery Cities Like Venice

Man poets, philosophers, and avid travelers have described Venice as a city like no other—and they are absolutely current. Venice derives its allure from its many romantic spots, which have become popular subjects of postcards, posters, films, and in recent years, social media posts. Signing up for a Venice luxury tour and similar watery city tours in Italy is the best way to see what this part of the world has to offer. Fortunately, booking one of these tour packages can be done online. You will get a guaranteed luxurious and unforgettable vacation when you choose a good travel agency that specializes in higher-end holidays.


Venice, which is a part of the Venito region, is a home to the Grand Canal, simply the grandest water channel of them all and arguably the most beautiful in the world. So enchanting in this attraction has been a part of many iconic movies, one of which is the “The Talented Mr. Ripley” that featured Hollywood A-listers Matt Damon and Jude Law. Still on the subject of movies or fictions related to the Venito region, what could be more noteworthy than Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet? The tale was set in beautiful Verona, another touristic spot in this region.


Apart from the water, there are many other charming places to go see in Venice and nearby areas. There is opportunity to take a promenade and be amazed by the architectural and aesthetic excellence of Torre dell’Orologio, San Marco Basilica, Ponte di Rialto, and the Doge’s Palace. Depending on your Venice luxury tour package, you may also have a chance to visit other legendary architectural attractions in nearby areas such as San Michele, Burano, Torcello and Murano. When in San Michele, don’t forget to drop the famous cemetery island.  In Murano, you will learn about glassmaking and explore the Glass Museum alongside beautiful churches. In Burano, you can mingle with the fishermen and lace makers to truly feel the local vibe. And in Torcello, you can stop by a thousand year-old cathedral then end your day in any of the restaurants in town.