Deluxe Wine Tours in Italy: Enjoy The Wine World In Style

Wining and Dining are some of the more hedonistic and finer aspects of life. To do so on a vacation to Italy only make the experience more interesting.  Italy, as a destination offers a rich experience to different types of tourists. And deluxe wine tours help to explore Italy in leisure, in the lap of luxury. As the seat of the Roman Empire, it is only natural to experience luxury of a different level. Let us uncork some of the best ways to enjoy a deluxe wine tour in Italy.

Venice and the merchants of the most famous wines

A visit to Venice can enlighten tourists to some of the most famous wines that are sourced from there. Friuli and Veneto are two locations in Venice from where some of the most iconic brands of wines are made. A deluxe wine tour to Venice will showcase these brands even as you experience the soft thrills of travelling in a gondola across the canals that criss-cross this picturesque city.

Piedmont, the showcase of Turin

Piedmont is a melting pot of sights that a tourist wishes to see – rolling hills, majestic castles and massive vineyards. A deluxe wine tour through Piedmont will showcase the various sites, such as Barolo Vineyards, the Castle of Serralunga, in addition to a long list of castles, each with its own history and period architecture. The castles dating back to the 14th century are a sight to behold, the grandeur and imposing sizes dwarfing modern construction.

Alba and the 100 towers

Alba in Langhe is known as the city of 100 towers. Equally famous are the flavors of the wine of this region, with global recognition for their distinct taste. Montalcino and Montepulciano are flagbearers of Italy’s wine making tradition. The region is famous for the wines, which can be seen by the Wine Exhibition Centre.  Activities such as diving in the clear blue waters, and hiking through some of the most stunning locations will keep you engaged throughout the day, leaving the nights to savor the tastes of the famed wines and cuisine.