Discover Great Holiday Package Deals to Puglia With Italy Luxury Tours

What does a traveler seek from a trip to Italy…ancient architecture? Art and history? Beautiful countryside? Delectable food and wine? If yes, then everything you desire from a glorious Italian vacation (minus the mind-numbing throngs of travelers crowding every location) is waiting for you right here in Puglia. Anyone who wishes to connect with the true heart and soul of this wondrous land plans to pay a visit to this location. This is one part of the country that is often overshadowed by the usual fame and novelty of Rome, Tuscany and Florence. This is the part of Italy that still preserves the roots of Italian culture. So, go ahead and discover some great holiday package deals to Puglia with Italy Luxury Tours. Here are some of the options that you can get here:

Tours to Bari

The true heart and soul of Puglia, Bari offers a scintillating blend of ancient and modern architectures with a thriving port and urban scene to keep you busy through the day. The place has many quaint little cafes, extravagant bistros and amazing wineries for you to explore along with various spots of tourist significance like the Basilica of Saint Nichols, Hohenstaufen Castle and the Cathedral of San Sabino.

Wine and Olive Tours

Vineyards, wineries and beautiful olive groves – you can enjoy an up close and personal encounter with all these here in Puglia. The very best variety of olive oil in Italy originates here along with a wide selection of wines and the freshest of produce to make your food table come alive with flavor every time. The local producers deserve a tip of your hat which is why a wine and olive tour should definitely be a part of your itinerary.

History tour

Ah, yes…the chance to discover the true historical novelty of Italy without the maddening crowds of Rome and Florence. The footprints of a long procession of conquerors and settlers are evident all across the region with Castel del Monte, the Gargano Peninsula, Ostuni and the Grotte caves being the most famous of attractions for you to explore and enjoy.

Italy Luxury Tours can offer the best holiday packages to Puglia at unbelievable prices. These are deals that every traveler would love to grab with both hands. Wouldn’t you?