Discover Italy with a Luxury Private Tour to Venice

Discover Italy with a Luxury Private Tour to Venice

Visitors to Italy have such a fascination with Venice—and for a good reason. The city is equal parts enchanting, intriguing, and gorgeous. It is one of the most visited cities in Italy (if not the entire world). You definitely have to set foot on its cobblestone streets at least once in your life. Fortunately, you will find a wealth of guided tours of Venice from reputed tour companies and operators, including tours that focus on the most historical sites in the city.

Venice private tours are the best way to explore Venice and discover its beautiful stories. One of the best ways to unwrap Venice is through a cruise of the Grand Canal. Many guided tours of Venice, Italy include a cruise across the famed Venetian waterways. Cruise trips offer you the best vantage point from which to see the beauty and splendor of the city on water.

Private tours are also great for going deep into the history of the city. Guided tours of different historical sites will help you get to know the most famous landmarks of the city better, from the cathedrals to the palaces to other important city monuments.

St. Mark’s Basilica is probably one of the most visited and photographed landmarks in Venice, including its bell tower. Campanile di San Marco is an imposing feature in the piazza where the Basilica lies. Walking tours of these monuments are well worth your time, but you can always take the highlights tour if you want to explore more places and beat the crowds to other must-see locations.

Some must-see destinations you shouldn’t miss on a tour of Venice include the Rialto bridge and market, the Accademia Gallery, and the rest of the Venice Museums, all housing masterpieces from famed renaissance and medieval artists along with historical artifacts collected through the ages.