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For an unadulterated experience of Naples is definitely the place to be. It is unpretentious, intense, and unfiltered—reasons why Naples private tours are a favorite among seasoned travelers who love experiencing local destinations as they are. Naples is everything that you love and crave for in Italy (culture, history, food, and people) multiplied by 10.

Exactly why should you bother with Naples private tours? While a lot of tourists tend to skip over Naples in favor of other standard tourist hubs or simply use the city as a springboard to visit more glamorous destinations like the Amalfi Coast, you don’t want to miss out on all that this city has to offer. After all, no other place is quite like it.

Beyond the gritty façade of Naples is a city steeped in culture and history. As a matter of fact, Naples is one of the oldest towns in Europe, which also makes it one of the most historically rich and colorful cities to discover. It has imposing castles and age-old churches, not to mention a wide range of archaeological treasures that rival some of the widest collections in the world.

Said to be the birthplace of pizza, Naples truly makes the best pies in the world. Authentic Neapolitan pizza (and pizzerias) are held to stringent criteria and standards, hence their distinct quality and taste. The Neapolitan pizza is certainly something that you shouldn’t miss on a trip to the city.

Naples private tours are not complete without experiencing the hidden side of the city. Underground Naples is an entirely new and different world to discover altogether. Forty meters beneath the city is a series of caverns and tunnels that resulted from the extraction of the volcanic tufa limestone on which the city is built. These winding tunnels served as important shelters from the allied bombings during the time of the Second World War and they lead to many other exciting discoveries that offer a unique glimpse of the city’s ancient history.