Enjoy the Benefits of Wine Tours in Italy

Connoisseurs of food and wine with a passion for the unique flavors of the Mediterranean will find that private wine tours in Italy offer them a distinct opportunity to delight their senses. Private tours to Italian wine country give discerning travelers the chance to savor the flavors, sights and culture that make this country such a tremendous draw for travelers from all over the globe.

Private wine tours in Italy are a bit different than group tours many travelers are familiar with. These tours are custom created for a specific individual, couple, family or small group. Unlike other tours that may involve crowded buses, mediocre accommodations and less-than-attentive guides, private excursions are mapped out from scratch to ensure guests have the time of their lives. Guests are provided with their own assigned guides that speak the local language and their native tongue, as well. This ensures a delightful experience throughout a journey.

Italy is a favorite destination for wine connoisseurs because this country boasts some of the world’s oldest wine-producing regions. The white and red grapes Italy is famous for produce some of the most distinct flavors of wine imaginable. In fact, Italy even tops France in its estimated annual production of wine.

Travelers who book private wine tours will find that is often best to pick a region and stick with it during a single trip. This enables in-depth exploration of a region, its distinct cuisine, unique wines and culture. Some of the most popular regions for those booking wine tours in Italy include:

  • Apulia – Guests who venture out on wine tours in this region will get to explore some of the country’s most notable vineyards while sampling the wines that make this region considered one of Italy’s top producers. The region is home to unique fancy rose, white and red varieties. Also called Puglia, Apulia is found in Italy’s extreme southern tip, or its “boot.” Private tours here also frequently include stops at such notable landmarks as Castel del Monte, the Basilica di Santa Croce and the Centro Storico, among other places.
  • Emilia-Romagna – Considered Italy’s “Gastronomic Home,” this region is famed for its culinary delights. It gave birth to such taste-bud pleasing flavors as Parmigianino cheese, balsamic vinegar and pasta Bolognese. As for its wines, this region found in northern Italy, is famed for its distinct varieties, including the Albana, which has been produced since the days of the Roman Empire.
  • Tuscany – Adored by travelers for its stunning landscapes, this region found in central Italy is the perfect focus for private wine tours. After all, with Florence at its heart, this region most certainly offers much to explore. Wineries here are famed for such varieties as Vin Santo, Chianti and Bolgheri, among others.

Travelers with a passion for the finest flavors in the world will find private wine tours in Italy open their eyes and senses to this country’s very best gastronomic creations.

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