Experience the Delights of the Amalfi Coast During Your Next Trip to Italy

While Rome, Venice, Florence, Naples, and Milan tend to get top billing for those considering Italian vacations, there is much more to explore in this tremendous country than its bigger cities. Vacationers who want to experience a different side of Italian culture while taking in breathtaking natural beauty will want to put the Amalfi Coast on the itinerary for their next visit.

Located on the southern end of the Sorrentine Peninsula in the Campania region, this destination offers its own distinct charms. While the area is home to such widely known cities as Salerno, it’s the tiny cliff and seaside villages that dot the coastline that make it so special, along with its Tyrrhenian Sea beaches.

Private tours along the Amalfi Coast are fast becoming a popular choice for travelers. While the precise details of a private tour may vary based on interests and length of stay, guests who choose this distinct Italian destination can:

  • Explore Southern Italy’s most famous destinationsAmalfi Coast luxury tours provide the perfect opportunity to visit such places as Pompeii, Mount Vesuvius, Sorrento and the famed Capri Island. In addition, guests on private tours are likely to find themselves visiting unique villages, such as Positano, that are famed for their pastel-colored houses, unique shops, and delightful dining establishments.
  • Take in the beauty from the water – Private tour operators can help guests arrange for yacht tours of this region, private swimming tours in the Fiordo of Furore, snorkeling and diving adventures and more.
  • Explore the history – Ancient Roman sites very much play a role in this slice of Italy. Aside from tours of Pompeii, visitors may find themselves venturing to the Roman villa in Minori. This impressive structure was built in the first century BC and remains one of the area’s top attractions. Other historic and cultural attractions are found all along the coast.

A summertime adventure to the Amalfi Coast enables travelers to take in the beauty of this country’s storied waterfront. While perhaps lesser known as some of Italy’s bigger cities, the coast is a treasure to explore. Private tour operators can help discerning guests map out their own custom adventure along the coast while making sure they don’t miss a thing.