Experience the Unique Vibe of The Amalfi Coast

Experience the Unique Vibe of The Amalfi Coast

The 30-mile long stretch of coast that is the Amalfi may not sound as impressive, but it is one that is rich in all kinds of adventures and delights. Amalfi coast private tours will take you to quaint little towns that are dominated by charming cliffside architecture. These are resort towns where hotels sit upon gorgeous cliffs, letting you wake up to incredible views of the sparkling sea and the sun rising in the horizon. On the coast itself are countless galleries, restaurants, and boutiques to satisfy your dining, wining or retail cravings.

An excellent honeymoon and romantic getaway destination, Amalfi Coast lies just between Ravello and Positano and it is considered one of the most incredible coastal destinations in all of Italy. This Amalfi Coast travel guide will help you make the most out of your Amalfi Coast tours, whether you are craving the sea, art, history, or a laidback time amidst nature.

The Amalfi Coast affords endless stretches of scenic coastal views, perfect for nature and sea lovers who are always craving the coastal ambiance. Many Amalfi Coast hotels rest on cliff edges, offering guests the best views across the Mediterranean. Sea-bound adventures will take you to hidden gems like the Emerald Grotto (Grotta dello Smeraldo) Cave, while a trip to the town will give you an authentic taste of the local life.

Amalfi isn’t without its fair share of artistic heritage. As a matter of fact, you will find quite a number of art galleries where you can view impressive work from local artisans. Most notable of these works are a sampling of handcrafted ceramics and pottery, which also make great souvenirs to remember your time in Amalfi Coast by.

Like everywhere else in Italy, towns in the Amalfi region bare long and colorful history, which gives the region its distinct flavor, culture, and character. There are numerous places that you can visit to take time and appreciate the historical roots of the region, ranging from old churches to different museums, and old towns.