Explore the Most Beautiful and Inspiring Regions of Italy with Private Italy Tours

You could probably come up with an endless list of reasons why you should visit Italy—and rightfully so, because the country is one of the most incredibly rich and diverse holiday destinations one could ever dream of visiting. With private Italy tours, you can enjoy a fascinating experience of Italy unlike any other—one that would take you to the regions that best represent the countries riches. Below are only some of the main attractions you’ll most likely come across on private Italy tours:

  • Beaches here and there. Italy has some 5,000 miles of pristine coastline. Anywhere you choose to go in Italy; there’s a nearby beach that you can go to for a dip. Only one out of Italy’s 20 regions is landlocked, giving you endless opportunities to enjoy stretches of secluded coves and more touristy beaches—to suit your taste. Perhaps one of the best beach destinations to include in your private Italy tours is Sardinia, which boasts an excess of more than 500 beaches in the island alone.
  • If you truly want a unique experience of Italy during your private tour, include in your plans a couple of days to a week on one of Italy’s beautiful islands. The country has well over 400 different islands, including Sicily, which is the largest in Mediterranean. Sicily is surrounded by even more interesting islands with the Aeolians only minutes away. The Cinque Terre towns are also worth exploring for a glimpse of a more eclectic side of Italy.
  • Private Italy tours are also best spent on Italy’s share of heritage sites. The country is home to as many as 51 UNESCO-recognized World Heritage Sites, including its old towns and historic old cities. Everything from its natural features to its ancient ruins and incredible historic sites are a true testament to the rich heritage that the country preserves.