Explore the Delights of the Eternal Cities of Italy

From its alpine majesty in the north to the very tip of its bootheel, Italy is a land of wonder for holidaymakers to explore. While there simply isn’t a “bad” destination in this country, famed for its ancient history, enduring culture, incredible gastronomy and beautiful landscapes, some cities provide vacationers with eternal appeal.

Holidaymakers considering private tours to Italy may want to consider building part of their adventures around one of these five eternal cities and the delights they hold:

  • Rome – Known as the birthplace of one of the world’s most commanding empires, Rome is also the City of Love. Private tours to this stunning destination are likely to include stops at the ancient Colosseum, the Vatican City’s Sistine Chapel, the Fountain di Trevi and the catacombs, among other stops.
  • Florence – This capital city of Tuscany is noted for being the birthplace of the Renaissance. From its world-famous Uffizi Gallery that houses works by da Vinci and Michelangelo to the Basilica San Miniato al Monte, this city’s beauty, charm and cultural appeal are eternal. Private tours here enable visitors to take in the breathtaking beauty while learning more about the city, its history and the famous players who put it in the history books.
  • Naples – This stunning, waterfront city owes its roots to ancient Greeks. Visitors who set a course for adventure to this historic destination will find such feasts for the eyes as the World Heritage-recognized Opera House, the Teatro San Carlo and the beautifully Gothic-styled Basilica di San Lorenzo Maggiore.
  • Milan – Famed for its modern-day importance as a global hub for the fashion industry, Milan also has ancient roots. Its Duomo, or cathedral, is the largest in Italy and the world. Visitors who plan private tours in this northern city will also get to see Leonardo di Vinci’s “The Last Supper.”
  • Venice – The beautiful canals and romantic gondolas of Venice make this city one of the most popular stops for holidaymakers. Visitors who book private tours of Venice will take to take in such sights as the Grand Canal, the San Marco Basilica and the Ponte di Rialto.

Holidaymakers considering the luxury and worry-free advantages private tours provide may find one of Italy’s eternal cities a perfect starting point for adventure. Private tour operators can help guests map out customized itineraries in any of these cities and their surrounding regions.