They say the north is where all the Euros may be, but it is the south that hides the true soul of Italy. Most travelers that head to this European country never think of venturing to this part of the nation but they ignore something majestic. They miss out on so much…the unique adventures that Southern Italy has to offer have no parallel anywhere on this planet AND you get to savor these delights away from the bustling crowds that you have come to expect in this country come tourist season. So, go ahead, explore the unexplored and get ready to experience the unexpected with Southern Italy vacation packages.


Those who love active holidays and unadulterated natural beauty will find Southern Italy to be an unequivocal paradise. The Abruzzo region offers a number of national parks like the Abruzzo National Park, Majella National Park, and the Gran Sasso e Monti Della Laga national park that you can explore where you can explore nature and wildlife untamed. Rock Climbing and Horse Back riding are some more popular adventures that you can indulge in here.


Yeah…you can actually walk up to the top of one of the world’s most famous volcanoes – Mt. Vesuvius. This was the monster responsible for bringing about Pompeii’s destruction and now has a National Park developed around it with the option of taking guided tours and heart-pumping hikes. Most of these volcanoes are lying dormant now but they still offer a thrilling hike and one hell of a view from the top.


The gorgeous coastline of Southern Italy has so many breathtaking views and unbelievable adventures in store for a traveler that you will have to plan a whole other trip to properly explore this place. The Calabria region with its crystal blue waters and the gorgeous precarious ridges of the Amalfi coast are must-explore places for any itinerary. And if you are looking for a different experience, head over to Puglia for a visit to Grotte di Castellana – underground caves that are waiting to be explored!

So come to Southern Italy and enjoy the myriad of adrenaline pumping experiences that this place has to offer. You will love every bit of it.