Feel Traditional Italian Style and Architecture of Italy through Venice Private Tours

When you think of Venice, you probably think of its many magnificent structures–from ancient Roman and Etruscan buildings to Gothic, Baroque, Rococo, Renaissance, Neoclassical, all the way to Art Nouveau. Make the most of your Italian holiday and see the most popular of these edifices in comfort and style when you sign up for Venice private tours.

Basilica Di San Marco

Are you a fan of Byzantine style of architecture? Are you amazed at how it perfectly combines influences from both Rome and Greece? The Byzantine empire was first started by Constantine the Great when he rebuilt the city and created new churches. This architectural style is characterized by geometric shapes, domes, thin alabasters, and mosaics. The St. Mark’s Basilica depicts the Byzantine aesthetic and building method with its Islamic inspirations, dome lanterns, and very distinctive artwork.

Campanile di San Marco

A replica of the one that collapsed in the early 1900s, this bell tower is an excellent location for viewing the whole city, which is why it is quite popular with tourists. You will appreciate the beauty of Venice more if you go to the Campanile di San Marco.

Ca’ D’Oro

Another structure with Islamic influence is the Ca’ D’Oro. Your Venice private tour provider can take you here, so you can appreciate the intricacies of its walls. Parts of this building—particularly the windows—feature Gothic designs.

Biblioteca Nazionale Marciana

The exterior of seems wonderfully simple, but you will be amazed the moment you step in. It is one of the oldest libraries in the world, and some of the original copies of the earliest books and manuscripts of civilization are housed in this national treasure. You can choose to stay longer here if you wish. In a private Venice tour, you have complete control of your schedule.