Find the Lap of Luxury in Lake Como

Italy is incredibly rich with amazing tourist destinations. One highly sought-after location is Lombardy in the northern region of the country. Here, you can visit Lake Como, which is an upscale resort located at one of the deepest lakes in Europe. With Lake Como private tours, you can immerse yourself in luxury that has a long history of being a favorite of celebrities and aristocrats alike.

Impressive Geography

Lake Como is shaped similar to the letter “Y”, and is surrounded by awe-inspiring mountains located at the base of the Alps. Fed primarily by the Adda River, it is of glacial origin and has beautiful hues of blue throughout its arms. The cities and villas are situated around the branches of the lake and provide historic architectural charm through their structure and beauty. Lake Como private tours can guide you through the natural landscapes of the area and highlight the details of geographical features.

Lakeside Villas

With the Mediterranean-like climate, there are many beautiful gardens that surround the impressive architecture of the lakeside villas. These very popular tourist attractions have been visited since the Roman times, and continue to be places of attraction and wonder for many visitors. The sub-tropical plants can grow year-round due to the moderate temperatures which make the lake a great destination at any time of year.

Outdoor Activities

From a broad array of types of boating choices to biking across the countryside, Lake Como private tours can integrate an exciting outdoor activity into your stay. Whether you enjoy a leisurely ride, or prefer a more fast-paced adventure, the options for enjoying the activities will give you the variety that you can expect from a luxury tour. Other physical pursuits that you may like to participate in include kayaking, windsurfing, and horseback riding. In the winter, you can snow ski at nearby locations.


Since this area has been a sought-after destination for hundreds of years, there is much culture to absorb. There is a sanctuary along the western edge of the lake with multiple Baroque chapels that lead to a Monastery, the Rockefeller Foundation Bellagio Center, and villas dating back to late 1700s with elaborate gardens.

This historic tourist destination offers the lap of luxury in Lake Como private tours. With its geography, lakeside villas, outdoor activities and cultural significance, Lake Como private tours are a very popular choice for many people seeking the best that Italy has to offer.