Find the Magnificence of Lake Como

Lake Como is the third biggest lake in Italy, next after Lake Garda and Lake Maggiore. It is one of the deepest lakes in Europe and is more than 400 meters deep, as well as, at the base is around 200 meters below sea level. Lake Como’s surprising excellence has made it a famous luxury holiday destination since the Roman times.

Beautiful Views

The lakeside landscape views are absolutely amazing. The surrounding Alps mountains remain snow topped even amid the mid-year months, whilst the manors lining the shore hotshot the best illustrations of Italian architecture. It is no big surprise that Lake Como has been picked as a film area on various events.

Evidently, exceptional wine and food is accessible all through the region. Truth be told, the local food and wine are of high standard, so, you truly can hope to eat well wherever you decide to eat.


Guests can take an entirely different perspective of the lake and town by riding the cable car up to one of the hill towns, for example, Brunate. If you need to look into the region bit more, Brunate gives a decent base for climbing in the Alps to find wildlife, beautiful flowers and much more marvelous mountain views. The views back to the lake from the top of Monte Boletto are fantastic.

Whilst Lake Como makes a perfect holiday destination in its own particular, it likewise makes a unique stopover moment while visiting northern Italy. Numerous guests get a genuine taste for the life and society of Northern Italy by consolidating their visit with Venice, Milan and the other Italian Lakes.

Best Time of Year to Go

The best time to go to Lake Como is between late March and October. As a typical holiday destination, most restaurants, hotels and even recreational facilities close from November until March. However, if you need to do some awesome exploration, then, it is ideal to go this time for running, hiking, walking and climbing.

In the mid-year months, you are more prone to see windsurfing, trekking, cruising, cycling or water-skiing. In spite of the fact that Lake Como is not that a long way from the Swiss outskirt, the ambiance is still gentle and sunny.

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