For those looking to get a taste of the true traditional side of Italy, the landlocked region of Umbria puts many exciting travel opportunities to the fore. The rolling Apennine Mountains, the village capped hills and the gorgeous valley made fertile and nurturing by the waters of River Tiber – the divine landscape here is guaranteed to carve a place of its own in your heart. So, if you are planning to visit this “green heart of Italy” and are in search for the best vacation tours to Umbria, this blogpost will give you all the information necessary to make the right choice:

Choose exclusivity

Umbria is the place where you will see grandmothers rolling pasta dough by hand. Umbria is the place where doors haven’t been locked during the night for centuries. Umbria is NOT the kind of place that you will be able to explore as a tourist. To truly witness this place in all its glory, you will have to let go of all traditional principles of sightseeing and become a true-blue traveler who isn’t afraid of getting up close and personal with the land. Choosing exclusivity instead of mainstream sightseeing for your Umbria holiday package will therefore, let you enjoy this scintillating part of Italy in a much better way.

Choose Nature

One of the biggest strengths of Umbria is its stark, wild, in-your-face green beauty that rolls over every inch of this land. You cannot hope to enjoy Umbria without stepping out of the car and on the ground. Your holiday package to Umbria should plan your visit in a way that allows you to explore the overlapping hills and wildflower-flecked meadows of Umbria on your own time. These aren’t experiences that can be enjoyed in a rush-rush manner. You need to allow nature to inspire your soul and fill it with awe for the many wonders that this place hides behind its green tinged curtain.

Choose luxury

And finally, after a long day of exploring the Gothic wonder of Orvieto and Assisi’s saintly calling, you will need a means to soothe your weary soul and relax your senses. That is where the luxury part of your holiday package to Umbria will come into play. Comfortable and exclusive accommodation, mouthwatering food and wine and tremendous hospitality will fill your soul with warmth and happiness that is just what the doctor ordered.

So, go ahead and choose a holiday package to Umbria with the above listed attributes for a vacation experience that you will never be able to forget!