Italian Vacations tours and Top Destinations to Off the Beaten Path

A tourist circuit does not necessarily mean that you have to elbow your way through hordes of tourists. A great tour can be experienced in serene settings, far from the crowd, in the midst of nature. Italy offers some of the most spectacular tours off the beaten path for the die-hard tourist who appreciates the finer aspects of nature. Let us take a close look at some of the top destinations offered in an Italian off the beaten path tours.

Exotic locations that can turn your tour into a wonderful learning experience

Some tours begin and get over in a flash that it really does not permit the tourist to take in the sights and the settings. Everything seems to pass by in a blur, leaving just faint memories or a vague feeling of déjà vu. Take time out to explore some of the finest locations in Italy that will imprint their memories for ever. Rome, Milan and Florence are some of the more historically well-known locations. However, for every renown location, there exists more than two locations that are tucked away, deep in Italy, offering equally good sights and experiences.

Check out Mount Vesuvius and the surroundings it lords over

Mount Vesuvius and surrounding locations that include the coast of Amalfi are a must see, if you are a nature lover. Soak in the sun and the greenery at a pace that lets you enjoy the visuals, and not just whiz past them. Step into the caves of Palinuro, reportedly some of the best-preserved caves in Italy dating back to the first civilized towns. Turn into a history buff and learn more about the historical significance and the culture of the place.

Dive into the clear blue waters off the white sands of pristine beaches

The beaches of Sorrento, Amalfi and Cilento offer an experience difficult to express. The azure waters entice, contrasting with the white sands of the beaches at the foothills of cliffs in coastal Italy.  Everything seems to be together in one place, in one single frame, offering a unique experience that very locations can offer worldwide.