Italy Adventure Tours – A Splendid Place to Experience the New Adventure

Travelers who believe vacations should be about more than relaxing and taking in sights will discover Italy is a grand place to set off on an adventure. From its towering alpine peaks to the shores of the Amalfi Coast, this country offers incredible experiences to enrich any holiday. Italy adventure tours make the perfect selection for discerning travelers who want to do more with their time than just visit historic landmarks, cultural sites and ancient ruins.

While major landmarks in cities along the way can most assuredly be planned into a private tour itinerary, guests will find the “experience” they are after takes center stage. The details of adventure trips planned by private tour operators will vary based on the region and the type of experience desired. Here are just some of the options vacationers with a passion for doing instead of simply seeing may find at their disposal:

  • Ferrari tours across the countryside – Italy is famed for more than its history, culture and incredible culinary creations. This country also gave birth to some of the world’s most notable racing cars. Ferrari is just one of them. Travelers with a need for speed may find themselves able to embark on a private tour across some of this country’s most beautiful landscapes with their own Ferrari available for transport.
  • Mountain biking tours – Exploring the mountains of Sardinia is something best done on foot, or better yet, mountain bike. These private tours enable adventure lovers to bike the beautiful terrain by day and enjoy luxury at night in some of the region’s most notable cities. Comfort, too, is assured thanks to four- and five-star hotel accommodations.
  • Fishing and diving in Sicily – While Sicily is home to some of Italy’s most beautiful landscapes, the view below its waters is like none other. Adventure lovers will find they can have richly planned trips that focus on fishing, diving and cruising Sicily’s shores.

There’s more to Italy than its cultural and historic landmarks. Visitors seeking grand adventure will find private tours deliver on a big scale. From tooling around in a Ferrari to diving the waters off the Sicilian coastline, a world of adventure awaits.