Italy Wine Tours – The Best European Getaway Vacation

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You don’t have to be a wine connoisseur to enjoy a good glass of vino. High-quality wine pairs well with just about anything—cheese, chocolates, meat, and more. Of course, it doesn’t hurt to know more about the wines you drink, which is why a wine tour in Italy is a must-do activity if you’re visiting the country. A wine tour allows you to sample some of the best wines Italy has to offer. Whether you’re a complete beginner learning about wine 101 or a sommelier in the making, a wine tour can be customized for you.

Can you do a winery tour on your own? Sure—but that’s not the most efficient way to go. You have to rent a car and driver (because you can’t drive after all that wine tasting) and perhaps even contact each winery you want to see one by one. It’s much more practical to sign up for a wine tour in Italy that’s arranged by professional travel operators. You can customize the wine tour not only to make the most of your vacation time but also to balance your wine sampling and sightseeing times.

There are companies offering bespoke tour packages, and a wine tour is just one of the many things they can provide. What’s great about a customizable tour package is that you get to choose places to visit and things to do based on your interests. You won’t have to spend hours in tourist attractions that you don’t really care about. Since you won’t be operating on someone else’s fixed schedule, you can do what you want, visiting the hidden gems of Italy and going on a wine tour in Italy to whet your appetite for a good glass of wine or two. A fully-loaded European getaway revolving around your interests will truly be one for the books.