Wine tours are a favorite thing to do in Puglia, unsurprisingly so, because the region has some of the richest vineyards that are home to some of the biggest wineries in Italy. Situated right between the Ionian and Adriatic seas, Puglia is very strategically placed not only for tourism but also for agriculture. This is why it is fondly known as the garden of Italy, where much of the food is grown and produced. Wineries are hard to miss, which is why they typically form part of most Puglia Italy tours. If you are going on a wine tour Puglia, don’t miss out on some of these locations:

  • Mottura – Over 4 generations of wine producers have come and gone in this Salento winery. Their wines are a product of a rich combination of well-preserved traditional wine-making techniques and modern methods. Mottura’s Tuglie winery is where most tours and tastings are held, offering visitors a taste of their unique take on ancient varieties of local grapes.
  • Terra Jovia – One of the oldest in Puglia, Terra Jovia traces its history back to the 18th Discover the rich story behind its grapes and wines and get a glimpse of the Puglian history with their unmissable walking and tasting tours.
  • Tormaresca – Known for their unique blends, Tormaresca brings modern Renaissance to classic Puglian wines. The winery spreads across two estates and is home to one of the most iconic and sought-after wine routes in Puglia. Their restaurant also serves wonderful dishes.
  • Cantine Paolo Leo – The best wineries in Puglia are those that have been passed on from generation to generation, and Cantine Paolo Leo is no exception. This winery is best known for its spicy red wine called the Triade.

Puglia walking tours are also equally delightful, especially with the region’s rich countryside and the town’s fair share of beautiful landmarks that are worth discovering.