Do you Love Wine Tours? Here Are some Fantastic Destinations to visit

A wine tour to Italy can be the perfect foil to your vacation. You get to explore destinations better while appreciating the wine and the food of the destinations. Every location is famous for its own cuisine, and one of the highlights of vacations are the opportunities for relishing the recipes of distant lands. Some of the more exotic recipes, and gourmet food often go hand in hand with the best wines. A wine tour will offer the best opportunity to savor the recipes while exploring the destinations unhurriedly, in leisure and luxury. Presenting three of the top destinations in Italy for wine tours, that will leave you spellbound.

Amalfi, the coastal attraction

Amalfi is perhaps one of the best coastal attractions of Italy. Explore the picture-perfect location, the sands and the sea while enjoying the cuisine. Wash down the best recipes of fresh fish with wine chosen for the dish by an experienced wine taster. The gratification of sending wine after the gourmet meal will prepare you for a trip to Naples where you will get to see some of the best scenes of nativity in San Gregorio Armeno.

Tuscany, the vineyard of Italy

A tour through Tuscany will help you taste the flavor of Tuscany wines that are famous the world over. You actually get to see some of the oldest wineries that bring out some of the most sought after wines. Take a sip of the wines as you stroll through the winery and witness the production process. The use of traditional methods in the presses to extract olive oil and the old-world charm of farms that produce cheese will cast a spell of attraction.

Venice, the labyrinthine of canals

Despite its identification as a destination best known for its network of canals, Venice actually has its own range of wines to offer parched tourists. The Bacari, or wine bars introduce tourists to the wonderful flavors of the local wine that accompanies some of the most exotic and organic dishes of Europe. Explore the grand canal of Venice, while treating your taste buds to a combination of the finest wine and food.