Italy presents newlyweds with great opportunities to make unforgettable memories. For many people, the country is the ultimate honeymoon destination with its romantic cities and astounding regions. Honeymoon vacation packages to Venice, Sardinia, Rome, Umbria, and many other towns across the country are some of the most popular with couples looking for a great adventure to mark one of the most important milestones in their married life.

When choosing between honeymoon holiday packages to Italy, consider cities and towns outside the beaten tourist paths, although there are really no stopping Italy visitors from spending a day or two in Rome or Venice. However, if you have limited time during your honeymoon escape, it’s usually best to skip over major towns and come back to them on your next holiday—you’ll be able to enjoy your trip more when you are not trying to beat the clock, especially when visiting the ancient ruins.

Honeymoon trips to Italy are best spent in quieter and lazier regions. Sardinia, for instance, is a great honeymoon destination as it offers the perfect balance between nature, culture, and gastronomy. From gorgeous bays to colorful villages, culture hubs, and historic sites, you’ll find no shortage of things to do and adventures to discover in Sardinia.

Italy honeymoon packages to Umbria are also worth considering if you want a relaxed trip. Destinations like Sardinia and Umbria are free from the hordes of tourists you will likely encounter in major cities and regions—not to mention great hidden gems in small villages that dot the area. The Amalfi Coast is also a honeymooners’ paradise best known for its beautiful beaches and cliff side attractions. If you are into wine tours, Sicily is also a great option not only for its lovely vineyards but also because of its gorgeous beaches and stunning archeological sites.