Make Your Journeys Unique – Select the Ferrari of Your Choice in a Ferrari Grand Tour of Italy

Make your journey in Italy even more stylish by signing up for a Ferrari Tour of Italy travel package. That’s right—when in Italy, you can drive or be driven in a Ferrari of your choice, so you can get around in ultimate style. Ferrari-assisted tours are available for destinations like Chianti and Tuscany and can be booked online with a trusted travel agency. Simply contact them to get a quote for your desired travel dates.


For the sports car enthusiasts who have the skills necessary to drive the curvaceous roads of Tuscany in a powerful beast of a car, a Ferrari Tour of Italy can be the ultimate driving and sightseeing combination to beautiful destinations such as San Gimignano, Bagno Vignoni, Caster Nuovo Berardenga, and Montalcino. This high-end travel package may also be combined with a stay in five-star hotels such as the Castel Monastero.  Automobile options include the Ferrari 458 Spider, The Coupe, or the California Turbo. Lamborghini options are also available.


Chianti Ferrari Tours are particularly appealing for those who love luxury cars and high-end travel. Most clients own super cars themselves back at home or are thinking of buying one and want to try them out first. Many clients are also automobile enthusiasts. They can provide a super stylish way to explore the regions you want to visit.


If you have ever wanted to try driving from Siena to Florence in an amazing Ferrari supercar then this type of tour is for you. You will get your own instructor (a trained sports driver) who will teach you how to handle the Ferrari safely. A Chianti Ferrari tour typically starts from Florence, from which you drive to San Gimignano, take a break in the village, and then continue to Siena for lunch in a highly-rated restaurant. You will then head back to Florence in the evening, enjoying the highways at high speeds.