Italy has always been a popular bucket-list destination. While the famed triad of Florence, Venice, and Rome are definite must-sees, there are quite a few hidden gems outside of these major locations that you can enjoy during your holiday. If you want a more out of the box experience, consider a Naples private tour for your next adventure.

Naples will give you a slice of Italy that worlds apart from what you will experience in more cosmopolitan cities like Milan or major tourist hubs like Rome. Not only are its cobblestone streets characteristically Italy–the local vibe is the perfect representation of what it’s like to live in the country, too. If you want an authentic local experience, Naples is definitely the place to be.

Naples private tours will take you to some of the most exciting attractions in town. While Naples isn’t nearly as visually appealing as Venice or Rome, it does have its share of beautiful landmarks, including its city center, which is a recognized World Heritage site. Naples’ city center is home to stunning castles and a royal palace along with cathedrals and churches taken straight out of history books. Naples’ piazzas are perfect spots to people watch and witness the local life go by.

A trip to Naples is never complete without a stroll down Lungomare, the iconic seafront promenade where the best restaurants and recreational attractions can be found. Naples private tours are also great for seeing the ancient ruins of Herculaneum and Pompeii, the famed ash cities preserved in time when Mount Vesuvius erupted way back the year 79. Best of all, Naples is a great kick off point for exploring the nearby island destinations of Ischia, Capri, as well as the famed Amalfi Coast, including lovely island towns like Sorrento and Positano.