Natural Beauty Teaming With Eternal Love – Italy

Vacationers who choose to spend time in Italy often come for the history, culture, arts and food. Few leave this country, however, without falling in love with its natural beauty. From its mountainous northern regions to the laidback splendor of its southern coastal areas and everywhere in between, Italy is a treasure for the eyes to behold.

Travelers who choose to go on private tours in Italy’s different regions will find the landscapes are quite diversified. Here are just a few of the examples of the breathtakingly beautiful natural sites visitors may encounter on tours:

  • Its mountains – While many people associate Italy with its coastal regions, and rightfully so given the romance the world has with Venice, a large percentage of this country is mountainous. About 40 percent of Italy’s landmass, in fact, is covered by mountains with the towering Alps to the north and Apennine Mountains running south down the peninsula. Visitors here will find the Matterhorn is one of the most famous mountains in the Alps, closely followed by the Dolomites. Volcanic mountains are also renowned, including the still-active Etna in Sicily, and the infamous Vesuvius near Naples.
  • Its countryside – While mountains may tower over some parts of Italy, picturesque plains with gently rolling hills and quaint villages are found at its heart. The Tuscan landscape, for example, is a major attraction for vacationers who want to fall in love with Italy’s stunning natural beauty.
  • Its lakes and rivers – From the Po river to the splendor of Lake Como, the country’s interior waterways are also sights to behold.
  • It’s beaches and coastlines – Vacationers who would rather soak up on the sun and the beautiful Mediterranean climate Italy is famed for may find themselves traveling to Southern Italy. Here quint seaside villages are built against craggy cliffs, creating quite a picturesque scene. From the famed Amalfi Coast to the colorful beauty of Cinque Terre, the natural splendor of Italy’s coastal areas will not disappoint.

Vacationers who want to explore the natural beauty Italy is graced with will find private tours can help them take in the sights that most tug at their heartstrings. From off-the-beaten path adventures to trips to the Amalfi Coast, private tour operators make sure guests also have a chance to explore Italy’s natural side.