Northern Italy off the Beaten Path – The Best Way to Explore the Glamor of Italy

While Rome is known for its ancient history and Florence for its tremendous contributions to art and intellectual advancement, Northern Italy is all about glamor. As home to the majestic Alps and the stunning beauty of Milan, this region has its own distinct draws. Perhaps one of the best ways to take in the splendor is by going off the beaten path in Northern Italy.

Travelers seeking a truly distinct experience in Northern Italy will find private tours offer a luxurious way to do so. Vacationers who select private tours to Northern Italy off the beaten path may get to:

  • Visit Milan – No trip to Northern Italy is complete without a visit to this world-renowned destination. Visits here may include gallery tours, shopping, and an opportunity to see “The Last Supper.”
  • Explore the Borromean Islands – A private guided tour here will take guests onto the Borromeo Gulf where they can take in the majesty of the region from the water. A stop at Isola Bella may be included while back on land adventure may continue to the beautiful lakeside town of Stresa.
  • Stroll through the towns and villages of Lake Como and Lake Maggiore – These two lakes are considered among the most beautiful in the entire world. The tiny villages that surround them each offer their own treasures to explore. From Locarno’s Madonna del Sasso Sanctuary to the culinary creations of Arona, guests will enjoy experiences that others may overlook.
  • Take a side trip into Switzerland – Private tours into Northern Italy often include stops in neighboring Switzerland. Tours along Lake Lucerne and stops in Lugano may be an option well worth exploring.

Private tours that go off the beaten path are a bit different than what some travelers may be accustomed to. These luxury vacations offer all the benefits of group travel without the potential drawbacks. Guests who embark on such adventures gain the benefit of their own private itineraries and dedicated guides and drivers. With highly detailed itineraries planned solely for a single booking party, private tours enable guests to take in the majesty of Northern Italy without the stresses associated with traditional travel and tours.