Puglia Holiday Packages – Experience the Best of Puglia

Vacationers seeking to explore one of Italy’s lesser-traveled regions will find the allure of Puglia is hard to top. Creating Italy’s “heel,” this southern region is also known as Apulia. Home to such stunning cities as Bari, Lecce and Taranto, this Mediterranean-flanked region is home to historic farms, ancient white-washed hill towns and some of the prettiest coastlines in all of Italy. Puglia holiday packages enable discerning travelers to see the very best of this region.

While specific stops on Puglia holiday packages will vary based on the itinerary created or selected, some of the options travelers may find available include:

  • Tours of the historic sites – Puglia is often considered one of the most important archaeological regions in all of Italy. Considering Italy is home to the ancient ruins of Pompeii and legendary Rome, that is saying a lot. Tours of the historic sites are likely to include such stops as Castel del Monte, Ostuni, the Grotte Caves and the Gargano Peninsula. This region was first settled by the Mycenaean Greeks and has played an important role in history since ancient times.
  • Olive oil and wine tours – Foodies do flock to Puglia because the region is considered Italy’s second most important wine region. It is also known for producing the very best olive oil varieties in the entire country. Private tours to vineyards, olive groves and wineries enable discerning travelers to take in the flavors that make this region so important.
  • In depth tours of Bari – This capital city of Puglia is home to such landmarks as the Cathedral of San Sabino, the Basilica of Saint Nicholas and Hohenstaufen Castle. It is also a waterfront gem that serves as the region’s main port. Holiday packages in Puglia are not complete without an in-depth tour of this beautiful destination.

Holidaymakers with their hearts set on seeing the sights of southern Italy will find Puglia vacation packages deliver. This region has an important history and continues to thrive as one of Italy’s top wine and olive oil producers. Private tour packages in this region provide guests the ability to enjoy a luxurious, stress-free experience as they explore Puglia’s wonders.