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When you are planning to book Lake Como holidays, that may mean you already know about the richness and beauty of this region of the country. Italy is beautiful inside and out, but the lake region, in Northern Italy, is perhaps one of the most exciting locations to explore for various reasons.

What to Expect During Your Trip

Lake Como is in the Lombardy region of the country, often referred to as just Northern Italy. It is a very high end, luxurious area of the region often sought after by those looking for a resort-like getaway. The lake itself sits in the foothills of the Alps, creating a nestled-in feel for the lake. Here, you will find Bellagio, a well-recognized resort town. It is a very modern area with every amenity you can hope for in most cases.

When you take a trip to this area, you are sure to enjoy the shopping, lakefront activities, and food. You will also get to experience some of the region’s very best Renaissance architecture. For that reason, anyone interested in the history of the country should make a trip to Lake Como. You can even do some mountain climbing and spend some time enjoying the open water here.

Start the Planning Now with Us

If you are hoping to get away on Lake Como holidays, contact Italy Luxury Tours. We are happy to help you plan an exciting trip to see Northern Italy’s charming lake region.