If you’ve visited Italy once and wish to come back for a more laid-back travel experience, Northern Italy’s off the beaten path tours are for you.

Some of the best luxury travel agencies offer guided tours of northern Italy, more specifically Tuscany. Northern Italy tours are customized to give you a fresh perspective of Italy’s attractions with a specially-designed itinerary that will best suit your interests.

If you are an enthusiast of the most classic wines in the world, take delight in visiting the Montalcino winery—the producer of world-famous Rosso di Montalcino wines. Let professional guides walk you through the vineyards and personally see how the region’s Sangiovese Grosso grapes are transformed into bold reds that are certainly worth the wait.

Guided tours of Northern Italy will also give you a deeper appreciation of architectural details in old towns. From famous wineries, you get to travel through the narrow streets and valleys where stone carvings will definitely captivate your attention.

If you are up for more action and adventure while digging deep into Tuscany’s history, customize your Northern Italy tour with an exclusive horseback riding adventure. Enjoy your on-saddle view of San Leolino’s medieval villages and immerse yourself in the beauty of Cennina and Lupinari’s castles. Your professional tour guide will tell you stories that you will never see in history books. The experience will surely deepen your appreciation of Tuscany’s rich past.

The best guided tours of Northern Italy also offer travelers an actual experience of Tuscany’s life. The natural thermal pools enclosed by Renaissance buildings allow visitors to shake off stress as they swim and relax in the spring waters for a few precious minutes.

End your tour with a visit to Tuscany’s panoramic Chianti hills and scenic lakes. There’s no better way to complete your Northern Italy off the beaten path travel adventure.