Taste Puglia’s Native Grapes Wine in the Wine Tour to Puglia

Going on a wine tour to Puglia promises a different kind of adventure—one that will tickle your senses as you taste different varieties of wines and enjoy sumptuous delicacies. Wine tours, especially in the heel of Italy, can also be combined with in-depth tours of the stunning towns that make this region a popular tourist destination.

 Ready to go to Puglia? It’s good to have some basic knowledge about the place you are to visit. Here are some exciting facts about the area.

  • Puglia is one of the top producers of wine in Italy. In fact, it produces as many bottles of wines as the whole of Germany. Puglia wineries used to send their wines in the north to make vermouth and other flavors of wines. Today, wineries make these and grow other grape varieties, such as Primitivo.
  • Wine tours to Puglia can are made more interesting by history. Did you know that some of the oldest wineries here were founded as early as the 13th century? Some of them were once fortresses of medieval military troops and still possess beautiful medieval architecture. That’s why they are not only visited for their wines but also for their history and architecture.
  • This region is also known for its olive oil varieties. Many wineries here have olive groves, too. A side trip to the groves will make you appreciate the inimitable beauty of Puglia.
  • Bari, the capital city of Puglia, is another historic town that boasts stunning architectural tourist sites. Stopping by at Basilica of Saint Nichols and Hohenstaufen Castle will surely make your tour more memorable.

Before booking your wine tour to Puglia be sure to check if the tour operator is indeed reliable. It is best to book with the leading Italy tour operators to guarantee safety and value for money. Some of the things you should consider are their membership with North America IATA and CLIA.