The Perfect Itinerary for Luxurious and Exclusive Umbria Tours

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What do you know about the green heart of Italy? A little region in the middle of the boot-shaped country has held this nickname for decades, famous for its mountainous geography. An Umbria tour may not be at the top of the list for first-time visitors, but the region is a must-see for anyone who loves to go off the beaten path.


Things you should know before going on a private Umbria tour

Unlike its much larger neighbor Tuscany, Umbria rarely gets to experience the hustle and bustle of tourists and attention from the media. However, this doesn’t mean the landlocked Italian region has nothing to offer.

Umbria boasts a wide yet underrated range of historical, archeological, and artistic attractions for every tourist. But best of all, it contains natural sites and sounds, hence the nickname “il cuore verde d’Italia —” the green heart of Italy.

Due to its unique geography, the best time to visit Umbria would be around spring or autumn. This is when the region’s valleys and mountains are in full bloom, allowing you to experience nature in all its glory.

However, if you like the area to be less crowded, visit Umbria in autumn. Around this time, the weather becomes more pleasant, and the number of visitors drops. Plus, you’ll see and smell the grapevines as they slowly prepare for harvest.

But how do you get around Umbria? Fortunately, Italy’s public transportation systems are comfortable and fast, and you can easily reach Spoleto, Narni, Trevi, and other major towns via train. Cycling and walking are also excellent options, especially in areas without train connectivity.

However, if you’d like to have a more pleasant time exploring the region, consider booking a private tour with an established provider. Leading travel operators will offer exclusive transportation services throughout your trip.


Building the perfect itinerary for your exclusive Umbria tour

How long should you stay in Umbria? If you want to make the most of your trip, staying for a week or two would be best. And to ensure that you experience everything the green heart of Italy has to offer, check out this eight-day itinerary:

  • Day 1

On your first day, you’ll arrive at the Rome airport. Top-rated tour providers offer transfer services from Rome to Spoleto, a city in east-central Umbria. The car ride will take around an hour or two. You will be assisted by the operator until hotel check-in. Depending on the season, you can stay in luxury four to five-star hotels for affordable prices, complete with a free breakfast.

You can rest easy on your first day and prepare for a wide range of activities during your stay in Umbria.

  • Day 2

Make sure you have a hearty breakfast in your hotel to keep your energy up for an activity-filled day. Once you’re ready, you can meet with your driver and guide for a private tour of Spoleto. This tour will include a trip through the city’s medieval streets, including the local cathedral and 13th-century aqueduct.

You can spend the rest of the day relaxing and sightseeing, having lunch at one of Spoleto’s local restaurants.

  • Day 3

On the third day, you will leave Spoleto and move on to Orvieto, another city in Umbria. This Etruscan area is widely known for its magnificent countryside views, filled with olive gardens, vineyards, and narrow streets. Your private guided tour will include a trip through Orvieto’s ancient houses and cathedral, before taking you to a small hilltop village named Civita Bagnoregio.

Bagnoregio has a tiny population of about 100 people, and its distinctive geography allows you to view the River Tiber from high up. In addition, you can discover the interiors of the Saint Donato Church before going back to Spoleto.

  • Day 4

Are you feeling tired from all the sightseeing the past two days? You can either spend the fourth day at leisure or opt for a tour through Norcia and the Valnerina Valley.

If you choose the second option, get ready to eat a filling breakfast and head on to the remote hilltops of Valnerina. Once you’ve taken enough photos of the San Pietro in Valle, you can visit Norcia — a walled town with delightful delicacies.

Norcia is home to a colorful variety of cured meats, cheese, and truffles, so make sure your stomach is ready for a hearty lunch. And once you’ve had your fill of the local cuisine, you can go back to your hotel in Spoleto and relax.

  • Day 5

Ready to leave Spoleto? Umbria has more to offer, and you can’t go back home without visiting its three most iconic towns: Montefalco, Spello, and Bevagna.

Your private driver will first take you to Montefalco, or the balcony of Umbria. This quaint town gives you access to breathtaking views that will make for the perfect postcard to send back home.

Then, you can go on to Bevagna, which was once a Roman settlement. This now-peaceful town is a lovely place to shop for souvenirs, filled with charming crafts shops, delicatessens, and trattorias.

Finally, you can drive to Spello, one of Umbria’s many hilltop towns. Here, you can explore the Santa Maria Maggiore church before returning to your hotel.

  • Day 6

Get ready for the last few days of your Umbria tour and explore the capital Perugia. This bustling city is the ideal tourist destination, filled with galleries, palazzos, and well-preserved 13th-century fountains.

  • Day 7

Finally, you can end your week by visiting Citta di Castello, a town within Perugia known for its arts and culture scene. Your guide will introduce you to Citta di Castello’s numerous museums, cathedrals, and palazzos as you enjoy the calm Italian weather.

  • Day 8

Did you make the most of your tour to Umbria? It’s time for your final breakfast before returning home, so enjoy every bite of authentic Umbrian cuisine.

Top tour providers offer transfer services from your hotel to the airport, so don’t worry about hailing a cab or taking the train.

Book an exclusive Umbria tour with licensed tour operators and explore the green heart of Italy!