Things To Consider While Planning A Trip To Cinque Terre

If your trip to Italy has a hint of a romantic interlude, then you should be headed to Liguria and Riviera.  With the right settings to set romantic hearts on fire, Cinque Terre beckons all those wishing to enjoy being in the company of a loved one. What better backdrop than Cinque Terre to make cupid’s work more successful.  Probably, boasting of some of the best beaches in Italy, Liguria and Riviera are brimming with locations that inspire romance and photos. Here is what you need to know as you get ready to set your feet on the pristine beaches of Riviera.

Cinque Terre is an UNESCO Heritage Site

The tag of an UNESCO Heritage site is reason enough to head to the location. Cinque Terre along with other cities known as the Five Lands are locations you get to see in dreams. Nothing will prepare you for the charming and quaint architecture of the homes perched on hillsides. The various hues of the houses contrasting with the hillside and beaches at the foothills, combine to lift your spirits without the need for intoxication.

Rub shoulders with celebrities

Portofino is frequented by celebrities for the same reasons that make you want to go there. The yachts anchored off the coast are testimony of the exotic location. Make it a point to include Portofino in your itinerary. Who knows, maybe you would get to click a selfie with some celebrity frolicking in the waters? However, going there will most likely make you ignore celebrities, because the location lures tourists with a mesmeric beauty that makes celebrities pale in comparison.

Private tour to Riviera and small gulfs

Pick your way through the beaches, hand in hand and explore the castles that appear with the frequency of restaurants in New York. The clear blue waters that gently wash ashore the white sands, are the perfect setting for experiencing the splendor of nature in the company of a loved one. The landscape is a treasure trove of nature’s masterpieces, a riot of colors and shapes that mesmerize with their beauty.