Things to Do on Your Tuscany Italy Vacation Package

Tuscany is famed for having some of the most beautiful landscapes in the entire world. With picturesque villas overlooking sun-kissed valleys and gently rolling hills as far as the eyes can see, beauty is one of Tuscany’s claims to fame. It isn’t, however, the only one. Those considering a Tuscany, Italy, vacation package will find out this also a land of wonder.

While the inclusions in a Tuscany vacation package will depend on the type of tour selected and the operator overseeing the adventure, some of the most spectacular things to consider doing on a Tuscan tour include:

  • Embarking on a private tour in Florence – This Italian city has many claims to fame. From its stunning architecture to its deep connections to the art and philosophy that sparked the Renaissance, this city deserves special attention during a Tuscan vacation. Visitors here will want to take in such sights as the Uffizi Gallery, the Ponte Vecchio medieval bridge, the 13th-century Palazzo Vecchio palace and the Florence Cathedral, among others. Private tour operators ensure their guests enjoy a deeply enriching experience at these stops and more.
  • Exploring the culinary sensations of the region – Tuscany is famed for its distinct culinary creations and rich, wonderful wines. A food and wine tour offers the perfect opportunity to delight the senses. Private tour operators ensure their guests can experience the very best in Tuscany’s gastronomy while ensuring they enjoy unique adventures, such as private winery tours.
  • Adventuring across the countryside – The Tuscan countryside is meant to be explored and enjoyed. Private tour operators can help their guests set up horseback riding adventures here, motorcycle treks off the beaten path and hiking tours, among other distinct options.

Tuscany is a land of wonder and a feast for the senses. When holidaymakers work with private tour operators, they will find more things to see and do than can possibly fit in a single trip.