Towards the deep southern end of Italy and near the proverbial heel of this boot shaped country lies Puglia – an irresistible holiday destination that has long been overlooked in favor of the more glitzy and glamorous Amalfi Coast or the Renaissance treasure trove of Tuscany. This unspoiled, unbuttoned, unadulterated summer Italian delight has been hiding in plain sight, away from the vision of tourist-y travelers who seek the bustling lanes of Florence and Rome. Puglia is nothing like the Italy you have seen or heard of till now. Puglia is better and infinitely more Italian that any of these commercially popular places to visit in this country. Here are the top reasons why tours in Puglia will be an irresistible proposition for a discerning traveler:

No crowds

Tourism may be a up and coming proposition here, but you will still find far lesser crowds in Puglia than what you can see in Tuscany, Venice and Rome. Known to be a summer getaway for Italians, this is the place where you get to watch the locals indulge in vacationing and holiday fanfare. This is the place where you get a taste of relaxation and excitement the way Italians like to enjoy it.

Good food and wine

Puglia is one of the few parts of Italy where culinary tourism has established itself as a major selling point. From platters of marinated and grilled vegetables to oozy cheeses, orecchiette (little ears) pasta, Salice Salentino and Primitivo red wines and unique antipasti – the food and wine of Puglia will enchant your senses like never.

Amazing people

Things move at a slower pace here – and this laidback style of life will start to rub off on you in no time. People of Puglia take immense pride in their art and lifestyle. Their warmth, friendliness and passion for living will give you a totally new perspective towards your own existence. Take a cooking class in Lecce or be hosted for dinner at a local masserie or shop from the youthful vendors at the Ostuni market – the people of Puglia are an experience.

So quite looking for reasons and head over to Puglia for your next vacation! You will love the side of Italy the place will present for you.