Top Tips Before Planning a Private Tour in Florence, Italy

Private tours in Florence provide vacationers with the best way to experience the splendor of Tuscany’s capital. With so much to see, do and explore, going it alone will almost assuredly result in major points of interest being missed. Going on a group tour will likely result in crowded transportation, distracted guides and an experience that is less than hoped for. Private tours provide an exclusive way to take in the beauty, art, architecture, and history that have made Florence an important city since ancient times.

Booking a private tour in Florence, Italy, does require a little savvy. To ensure the best possible experience, vacationers will want to make sure the private tour operator they are working with is reputable. Detailed knowledge and experience with planning and executing private tours within Florence and Tuscany will also be musts. Before planning a private tour in Florence, Italy, consider these tips for finding an outstanding tour operator:

  • Seek out an industry leader – Discerning travelers who wish to enjoy an exclusive experience throughout their stay in Florence will find that working with tour operators with extensive industry credentials can assure quality every step of the way. Check into a tour operator’s background and look for such certifications as those provided by CLIA and the North American IATA.
  • Look for exclusivity – A private tour in Florence should be planned exclusively for the guest or guests arranging the booking. That means the tour is mapped out and guided strictly for the person, couple or small group making the arrangements.
  • Pay attention to sample itineraries – While the best private tour operators will customize itineraries to meet the needs of specific clients, they also provide pre-set schedules guests may choose to follow. When Florence is the destination, experienced tour operators will make sure their guests get to see and experience this city’s most notable wonders. Stops should include the Piazzale Michelangelo, the Uffizi Gallery, the Basilica San Miniato al Monte and the Piazza della Signoria, among others.
  • Consider the experiences offered – Private sightseeing tours in Florence should also provide visitors with unique experiences meant to enrich a vacation. Cooking classes and wine tastings, for example, might be options exceptional tour operators offer.

Booking a private tour in Florence is the best way to take in this city’s splendor while still enjoying an exclusive, intimate vacation. Finding a reputable private tour operator to work with can ensure a vacation that is like none other.