Destinations in Italy for the Best Family Vacations

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If you are looking for a family-friendly vacation place to visit, Italy makes a great candidate, thanks to its gorgeous locations, amazing scenery, year-round sunshine, abundant art and culture, rich history, good food, and superb wines. Between historic Rome, lovely Sardinia, and the Amalfi Coast, Italy truly has something for everyone. The best family tours of Italy combine the best that the regions have to offer. Families wishing to holiday in the country can choose from a range of tour types, from classic beach holidays to historic tours, lakeside vacations, mountain walks, and even city breaks. One can never go wrong with Italy when seeking out a family holiday destination.

The Amalfi Coast in Campania is perfect for adventurous families. The best family tours of Italy typically include Amalfi in their repertoire. The coast is surrounded by deep blue waters while in land are steep verdant mountains and breathtaking cliffs fringed by whitewashed buildings. The air is punctuated by fresh smells from fig trees, and olive and lemon groves. The Amalfi Coast is also home to popular must-see towns like Positano, Sorrento, Ravello, and the islands of Pompei and Capri.

If it is art and culture you are after, Sardinia also offers great treasures and hidden gems waiting to be discovered. Within the Sardinia region are quaint little villages dotted by Roman ruins and all kinds of historical gems. Besides its cultural and historic offerings, Sardinia is also home to impressive beaches like Stintino and Piscinas, both of which offer spectacular panoramas of the region around.

No family vacation tour of Italy is complete without a visit to the grand triad of Rome, Florence, and Venice, three cities that are steeped in history and culture and provide tourists and holidaymakers a taste of classic Italy. If you want something more off-beat, you may likewise visit other places like Sicily, Tuscany, and the lake towns of Garda, Maggiore, and Como.