Verona has long been the laboratory of culture and heritage – a place where history, art, and literature take epic proportions and spin a stunning web of experiences that any traveler would drive over. These are the lanes where Romeo and Juliet of the Shakespearean universe unfolded. These are the streets where the Scaliger Dynasty rose and fell. For the culture and the history inside you, Verona will prove to be an undisputed paradise. Let’s check out what a trip to Verona has to offer and how it can help you unlock the true heritage of Italy with Italy private tour packages.

More than 2200 years of historical tumult is encased in the 77 square miles that make up Verona. The most interesting part of Verona stems from its riotous past which can actually summarize and mirror the history of Italy in its entirety. The reigns of Verona have changed many hands, from the ancient Romans to the Communes during the Swabian reign, to rule by the French and Austrian royalty and then, the Italian Risorgimento. Verona has many faces and each of these has a story to tell. It all depends on how deep you want to dive in this cultural melting pot.

The Arena of the Roman Theatre, the Gavi Arch at Porta Borsari, and the archaeological site at Porta Leoni – all stand tall as an ode to Verona’s prodigious roots in the First Century Roman Empire. The Arena where ancient Gladiator combats were hosted is another site of historical importance. The Casa dei Mercanti, the Mazzanti Houses, and the Madonna Verona Fountain all belong to the Roman Epoch. Other remnants of the great Roman times include the entrance of the ancient city – Porta dei Borsari which has played its role as a symbol of Verona for many centuries.

The Scaliger times have left their own mark on Verona’s architectural and cultural heritage with the Cathedral of St. Zeno, Castelvecchio and the Scaliger Bridge and arches. Then there are the centers of 16th century political life – the portico of the Loggia del Consiglio and the seats of military, judicial and admin powers of the times – the Palazzo di Cansignorio and Palazzo del Comune. And at the end of it all, you get to explore the Verona of Shakespeare and take in all the sights and sounds of a city that has become sort of a pilgrimage for star crossed lovers.

Verona’s cultural heritage mimics Italy’s glorious past in so many ways. Plan a trip to this place and experience the grandeur of old!