Vatican Private Tours: Art and History You Can’t Miss

No trip to Rome is complete without visiting the beautiful Vatican City. This walled enclave within Rome itself is a separate city-state rich with history, art and culture to explore. Although only about 110 acres in size, the Vatican’s historic, artistic and religious attractions make it a destination that most people wish to take in at their leisure. Unfortunately, most tourists find long lines, ticketing problems and overcrowding hamper their experiences here. This is not so for those who book Vatican private tours.

Discerning travelers who wish to experience the splendor of Vatican City will find the best private tour operators can help them see the sights they wish to while enjoying VIP treatment throughout their stay. Here are just a few of the things guests on Vatican private tours can anticipate:

  • Advanced ticketing and avoidance of lines – Private tour operators that offer Vatican day trips take all the worry about ticketing and lines off their guests’ shoulders. These details are seen to in advance by the tour operator so that guests and their private guides may move freely through the major destinations here.
  • A private guide to enrich the experience – Group tours can be wonderful, but many guests find it is difficult to hear their guides’ explanations of important buildings, periods of time or masterful works of art. This is not so for discerning travelers who opt for private Vatican tours. Since a single traveler, couple or small group will have an exclusive guide, hearing the stories and having the ability to ask questions will not be a problem.
  • Having the opportunity to experience the major landmarks without being rushed – Private tours in Vatican City may include a number of important destinations, such as the Sistine Chapel, the Vatican museums and the Vatican Gardens. Those who choose exclusive private tours will find they can take in the beauty and wonder without being rushed in and out of landmarks. Guests will also likely be able to see such major works of art as “La Pieta,” “Transfiguration” and, of course, the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel.

Although a tiny enclave of only a few dozen acres, Vatican City is a destination that demands time to explore and truly appreciate. Discerning travelers who book private Vatican tours will have the opportunity to take in the splendor without having to face long lines and throngs of people.