Visit Incredibly Romantic Venice to the Sunny Amalfi Coast with Private Guided Tours to Italy

A city you shouldn’t miss on a trip to Italy, Venice is a popular itinerary item in most private guided tours to Italy. This ancient town upon a lagoon can be characterized as a lavish collection of splendid domes and spires that rise out of the Adriatic, as if straight from a dream. Venice is as beautiful as it is full of life. Apart from its iconic structures and romantic vibe, people come to the city for its stunning art, canals, and hidden treasures. When planning your private guided tours to Italy, don’t forget Venice as part of your top must-see places to visit.

Travel through time in one of Europe’s wealthiest trading posts back in the day. Venice’s heydays gave birth to some of its most iconic buildings and structures. In fact, most of the buildings in the city remain beautifully preserved as if it were still the 13th century. Most structures in the ancient city date back between the period of the 13th and 18th centuries. Despite its intimate size, Venice is filled with interesting treasures.

Make your private guided tours to Italy more interesting by getting lost in the labyrinthine canals of the city. Many hidden paths are tucked in interesting corners as well as shortcuts to the best and loveliest spots in town. When not going on a relaxing gondola tour, strap up your walking shoes and enjoy literally walking into history as you explore the small, yet infinitely rich city.

Unsurprisingly for an Italian town, Venice has a rich café culture. In every street corner is a standing coffee bar or a patisserie where you can sample some of the best snacks and drinks. Share a cup or two with friendly locals or for an even richer local food experience, check out Rialto market to shop for a fresh catch.

Private guided tours to Italy are also the best way to explore the rich artistic culture of Venice, which is also crammed full of some of the most splendid examples of local art, from its ancient architectures to its gorgeous marble and mosaic-paved palaces, church paintings, and contemporary and modern art collections that rival many world class galleries.