Visit Sicily Where Arts and Architecture Meet in a Unique Way via Private Guided Tours of Sicily

Signing up for private guided tours of Sicily is one of the best ways to maximize your vacation time. A luxury travel agency can design an itinerary that suits not only your schedule but also your preferences, pace, and interests.

Keep in mind that Sicily—with its more than nine thousand square mile expanse—is the largest among a number of islands that compose Italy. Unless you are staying for a month or more, you probably won’t have time to truly experience all of its famous spots in a single visit. The best thing to do is to customize an itinerary that includes all of your must-see sites and activities. You will not have a hard time booking a special private tour of Sicily when you start to search online for a luxury travel and booking agency that will take care of everything—form hotels to transfers, all the way to providing you with a chauffeured luxury car and a professional guide.

These agencies can completely customize your tour package, but they also offer ready-made itineraries. Check them out—they may already cover the dream destinations that you have in mind. For example, a Sicily classic tour can take you to the most famous spots of the islands such as the ancient temples and cathedrals of Palermo and Catania. You can also head to the picturesque town of Ragusa, all the way to Mount Etna and Taormina where you can see world renown structures, one of which is the Greco-Roman Theatre. There are plenty of other must-see places in Sicily, and most private guided tours will bring you to the magnificent Roman Amphitheatre in Syracuse, made of basaltic lava stones, as well as the Savoca, which is the setting for a Marlon Brando-starred movie, “The Godfather.” All you have to do is visit the website of trusted tour providers to see your options or contact them if you want something completely customized.