Visit More Traditional Cities and Fascinating Islands of Italy through the Private Tours of Sicily

Sicily is another historic, tradition-rich, and attraction-filled touristic spot in Italy. To explore Sicily and nearby islands, simply book Sicily private tours or similar travel packages from travel agencies that specialize in luxury holidays. You can do this online.

There is plenty of room to customize your chosen travel schedule. Want to arrange a motorbike tour that takes you around the islands of Sicily? You can do that. Depending on your budget, there are luxury travel packages that let you stay in four- and five-star hotels and provide elegant luxury-car transfers to the places you are scheduled to visit.

Sicily, located in the southern part of Italy, is a food and wine haven. Your private tour of Sicily can be customized so that you can enjoy tomatoes in Pachino, chocolate in Modica, the cheeses of Ragusa, and the famous Nero d’ Avola wines.

Palermo is the most common jumping off point of a Sicily adventure. From thereon, you can expect some great wine tasting, gastronomic enlightenment, and architectural delights. Head out to Segesta, Trapani, Mazara del Vallo, and Erice, as well as the culinary destinations of Mazara, Montallegro, Modica, and Sciacca.

Don’t miss Ragusa, which is another Unesco World Heritage Site. The highlands of Ibla offer majestic views of this beautiful part of Italy. Opposite Ibla, there is another town worth your while called Ragusa Superiore, which is considered as a modern upper town.

There is not one but eight noteworthy temples to visit in a park in Palermo, called the Valley of Temples. Your tour guide can take you to The Temple of Concordia, Heracles, Olympian Zeus, Hephaestos, Demeter, Castor and Pollux, Ascleppius, and Hera. Some of these stunning architectural wonders date back to 430 B.C.