Calabria & Tropea

Calabria: The Ultimate South-Italian Beach Experience

Calabria is known to many as the toe in the Italian foot and a region that spreads to the Ionian and Tyrrhenian coasts. Indeed, the beach tours to Calabria have been considered as a top choice for many holidaymakers looking to make the most out of their holiday to Southern Italy.

The old-fashioned charm and simplicity of Calabria make it a delightful choice for every traveler. Mostly, the tours to Calabria are labeled as a holiday tours and summer tours to Calabria, since the region spreads to amazing coastline and sandy beaches that continue along the South up towards the region of Sicily.

Tours to The Sila National Park

One of the most amazing experiences worth seeing in Calabria are the tours to the Sila National Park which is open since 1997 and covers around 75 thousand hectares of wild areas in Calabria. From the exciting landscapes of Pollino, Aspromonte and the volcano Etna to the Ionian and Tyrrhenian sea views, the Sila National Park is considered as one of the best rural and tourist destination in Italy.

Tours to The Jasmine Riviera in Calabria

If you want the utmost luxury tours to The Jasmine Riviera in Calabria and the heart of the Mezzogiorno region, you are deemed to find eternal and remarkable beauty in forms of food, landscapes and culture. This particular region is particularly special for its culture which has not been influenced by any modern aspect. You can take the special food tours to Jasmine Riviera of Calabria and taste the local olive oil or purchase fresh products directly from the local farmers. If you want architecture, The Jasmine Riviera of Calabria has it as well – with The Cattolica, a small temple built in the 9th century featuring a true Byzantine styled church and a square design.

Ionian Beach Tours in Calabria

Although the Ionian coast of Calabria is less developed than the Tyrrhenian coast, it is still an amazing experience with crystal clear waters and sandy beaches to chill out on. The Ionian coast offers the most undeveloped beach tours in Calabria for the romantic couples and families that seek peace in the best way possible. The beach tours to Crotone and Rossano, historical towns in Calabria are considered by far the best options, as well as the eastern point of Capo Colonna which also offers peaceful bathing spots.

Tyrrhenian Beach Tours in Calabria

The Tyrrhenian beach tours are the more exciting and lively experiences on the Southern Tyrrhenian coast. The number of lovely and crowded, however not overcrowded beaches of Tropea, Capo Vaticano as well as Grotticelle and Tonicello are great choices for beach tours in Calabria on the Tyrrhenian Sea.

Beach Tours to Reggio Calabria

Despite the fact that Calabria is a pretty big region, it does not include any major Italian town with greater population. However, Reggio Calabria is the pearl of Calabria, located in the most southern line and practically the toe of Italy’s boot in the exact meaning. The tours to Reggio Calabria never fail to satisfy the modern tourists, as this town counts more than 200,000 people in population and apart from its crystal clear water and sandy beach tours in Reggio Di Calabria offered, it is also known for its thriving fishing industry and as a contrast of how calm the lifestyle in Southern Italy is, compared to the regions of Emilia-Romagna with the city of Milan and its fast-paced energetic appeal.

To sum it up, the tours in Calabria and the things to do include:

  • Beach tours to Tropea, Vibo Valentia, Jasmine Riviera, Capo Vaticano, Paola, Amantea, Praia a Mare….
  • Walking, Hiking and Naturalistic Tours of Sila National Park and the Aspromonte
  • Food and Wine Tours in Lamezia Terme, Ciro`, Castel del Monte, Crotone and San Giovanni in Fiore, Mammola…..
  • Historical and Art tours to Cosenza, Catanzaro, Reggio Calabria – museum tours, architecture tours, cultural and history tours and a chance to see Dante Alighieri’s work in person

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