Special Interest Private Tours

Come and Experience The Secrets of Italy

Every traveler with a sense of style and courtesy for the best sites in the world must put Italy on his list. Being one of the top tourist destinations in the world, Italy offers rich cultural and traditional views of its history and ancient times. The secret of the beauty of Italy lies in its protected environment as well as the love for the best – whether it comes in the way of food, wine or any other lustful experience.

Italy Special Interest Private Tours

Special Interest Tours: An Experience Suiting Your Most Special Needs

The special interest tours in Italy are aimed to the most tailored travel needs and expectations. Whether you prefer a bike tour across Italy, a wine and food tasting tour in Tuscany, or maybe beach tours across Sicilia and Sardinia, at Luxury Italy Tours, we take pride in making your dreams a reality.

Art and History Tours: The Unimaginable Part Of The Italian Tradition

Apart from its tremendous cuisine, Italy is a home to the first architects, artists and designers our world has ever seen. Therefore, it is considered one of the best countries for every aficionado trying to explore the ways of art and architecture endlessly. Italy Luxury Tours offers special interest tours of Italy aimed towards art, architecture and culture. Making sure that the tour is based on your interests, we give you a special and unimaginable look on Italy in the best way possible.