Cortina d’Ampezzo Ski Packages

Presumably, you have landed on this page because you are looking for the right skiing place to spend your Ski holiday. There are so many places that you can go for a holiday, which is why it’s giving you a headache. One of the areas that we know you will have a marvelous time. It is a place that will host the 2021 ski world cup. Do you know which place it is? It is Cortina d’Ampezzo.

About Cortina d’Ampezzo

Cortina d’Ampezzo or Cortina is a town in Northern Italy in the Veneto Region, located in the Dolomitic Mountains. UNESCO has declared the area as a world heritage. The Town is surrounded by mountains such as the Sorapis, Tofana, and Cristallo.

The two most local languages spoken in Cortina D’ampezzo is Ampezzano, which is a local variant of the Ladin language, and Italian.  Being a tourist area, English is widely spoken

Cortina D’Ampezzo, for an extended period, was not a part of Italy anymore. It was under the Astria rule until 1918. Most of the Town’s population fought on the Russian front, and Italy saw this as an opportunity to take back the area.  A three-year battle ensured, and after the fight, Italy emerged victoriously. The relics of this war are still there up to date.

Skiing in Cortina D’Ampezzo

Cortina is the home of skiing that hosts all kinds of skiers. The experienced one and the inexperienced. Given its world status as a skiing destination, it’s the best suited for experienced skiers.  Cortina has over 120 km of slopes to enjoy by all levels of skiers. A skier at the area should not miss skiing in Tofane and Faloria-Cristallo. Faloria Cristallo, in particular, can accommodate beginners, especially children. The experience there is utterly unique. For a breathtaking experience, an expert skier should not miss the Forcella Rossa, which is very steep.

In and around Cortina, there are facilities to support cross-country skiing, and a perfect analogy of that is the street along with one of the oldest railway lines in the region. Visitors can participate in many winter sports which include, snowboarding, extreme skiing, and ski mountaineering. The summer also has its events, which include biking, rock climbing, tennis, and ice skiing.

Sports in Cortina

Previously, we mentioned that Cortina would be the host of the upcoming alpine skiing competition. But it was allowed to host the 46th alpine ski world cup, which will be held early next year after five attempts. Unsurprisingly, this is not the only event that Cortina has hosted.  At this juncture, we take a look at the major events hosted in Cortina.

  1. The alpine ski championship of 1932 and 1946
  2. The winter Olympics in 1956.
  3. Together with Milan, the two will host the 2016 winter Paralympics and 2026 winter Olympics.

Cortina is also the home of the SG Cortina Ice hockey team.  Also, it’s the start and the endpoint of the Dolomites Gold cup race.

Other tourist destinations in the region

Cortina is a place with world-wide recognition and attracts a large number of tourists annually. Most of them are from the UK, Russia, China, Korea, Japan, and the USA. What attracts them to this region? It’s not likely that it’s the skiing that attracts them for such a diverse number of people.   Below are some of the tourist attractions in the region.

Natura 2000 Region: The European Union in the 1990s formed Natura 2000 Network to ensure the protection of the endangered animals. One of those areas that are part of this network is the Ampezzo nature reserve. The endangered animals found here are the Wolf, Marmot, Golden Jackal, Bear, and Lynx.

Lagazoui Open-Air Museum: An open-air museum is a place that exhibits a vast collection of buildings and artifacts outdoors.  The Lagazoui museum is a place that reminds you of how mountain warfare was fought. Because of Cortina’s attitude, it was a good fighting ground. Evidence of the war is vivid in the museum.  As a reminder, mountain warfare resulted in armies digging shelters for their men’s, which were impenetrable, and now they are fortresses.  Today, the tunnels and the machine guns used are in the open for one to see.  The museum is accessible via mountain huts, lifts, and cable cars. It’s a must-visit place on your stop at this place.

For Your Eyes Only: Are you a fan of James bond movies? Then you would love to visit one of the places where “For your eyes only” was filmed.


After a day out, you would love to have time to stroll in the Town and have a place to rest and replenish yourself. Cortina has all kinds of accommodation that a vacationer would require, ranging from 3* to 5* Luxury Hotels. Italy Luxury Tours will provide, as part of your Ski Package, the Hotel which suits your travel needs and requirements.

How to get to Cortina d’Ampezzo

The nearest Airport to Cortina is Venice and Innsbruck, which are both 160 kilometers away from the village. As part of your Ski Package, Italy Luxury Tours will provide you with a Private Transfer to and from your Hotel

Book your Cortina d’Ampezzo Ski Package today! Come to a place that is not only beautiful to the eye but can leave a lasting impression on your heart as well. Contact us: 1 855 539 0045.

  • 7 Nights/8 Days
  • 4* Boutique or 5* Luxury Hotel or Chalet
  • Assistance and Porterage at Airports, Train Stations and Hotels
  • Private Transfers to and from Airport
  • Day Excursions and Private Guided Tour
  • Ski Passes and Ski Instructor on request
  • Meals: Half or Full Board
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