Courmayeur Ski Package

Are you interested in a Ski Package to one of the best ski areas in Italy?  Are you looking for the ideal destination that is as perfect as your dreams, a place that exceeds your expectations? Well, this place is a reality and exists in Northern Italy. This location is Courmayeur, a haven for Skiing holiday enthusiasts.

About Courmayeur

Courmayeur is a town in Northern Italy, in the Aosta Valley. It sits at the foot of Mont Blanc, one of the highest mountains in Western Europe with a height of 4810 meters above sea level. From the Town, the peaks of the spectacular cliffs are visible. The River Dora Baltea crosses Courmayeur, still steeped in its rich Ancient history. Today the Town is equipped with modern skiing facilities making it a world-renowned destination.

Skiing in Courmayeur

Courmayeur has everything for all types of skiers. Situated at the height of 1225 above sea level and endowed with over 100 kilometers piste makes it a good skiing ground. The Ski Resorts cater mostly to beginners and intermediate skiers. For advanced skiers, there are extensive off-piste routes, located in Val Venny and Arp Vielle. Italy Luxury Tours, as part of your Ski Package, will arrange a local guide to ensure your safety and enjoyment to the fullest. First-time skiers have their place at Entreves Tram. Access to every part of the mountain is remarkably efficient as cable cars, chair lifts, and gondolas can be used for transportation.

Other things can you do at Courmayeur

Aside from skiing, which is a tradition in the area, here are other reasons why you should visit it.

Food: You are in Italy, where some of the best delicacies are prepared. The aroma of the meals is likely to make you drool.  Dining with the enchanted view of the mountains in Courmayeur is an experience you will cherish forever. The 23 restaurants in the skiing district of Courmayeur offer various cuisines, from the most refined to traditional alpine cooking and premium street food, or “snow food.” Pasta and Pizza are still present, but much of its ingredients are traditional. Most of the restaurant menu will have a variety of stews, cheese, and meat dishes

Après Ski is an event organized after skiing, usually held at night. It’s more of partying at local bars and restaurants. These events can go up to go past midnight and are appropriate for late-night revelers.

Events: There are always some significant events that are going on at Courmayeur. These events include sporting events, seasonal festivals, parades, and gourmet competitions. Regardless of the time, you book your Ski Package, there is always an exciting event happening. For example, In December, when most of us plan for a holiday, its winter in Courmayeur and its surroundings. During Christmas and the New Year, the best chefs in Aosta and Italy converge to Courmayeur to showcase their skills in a competition for the best dishes.

Historical Manifestation: A visitor in Courmayeur won’t help but notice the architectural design used in the village structures. There are those which are said to date back to the thirteenth century. These are the oldest remnants of the monks who were said to have founded the village. Most of the cobblestone, architecture, and pathways have been maintained to date. Later, in the 18th-century, Courmayeur was recognized as a wellness center utilized by the elite in society.

The Wine: At Courmayeur, you can have a taste at some of the best Italian wines. Vineyards are available even though the place does not grow grapes due to its elevation.  You can get some of the best white wine, red wine, and dessert wine in the village. In most places, always go easier to not meet with the rowdy noise of people coming for the après ski.

How to get to Courmayeur

The Nearest airport is Turin, which is 150km from Courmayeur. This airport serves the people from Europe. Those who come from overseas that can use the airport in Geneva or Milan.  From any of these Airports, as a part of your Ski Package, Italy Luxury Tours will provide a return Private Transfer to your Hotel.


Most of the accommodations are stylish, yet they are very affordable. Various options in terms of  4* Boutique and 5* Luxury Hotels or Chalet exist to provide you with accommodations to meet your demands and budget. In Courmayeur are some of the best hotels; most of them are 4* and 5*.  Close by, Entreves and La Palud have a good number of three stars hotels. All the Hotels have their lift to the resort.

Best time to visit Courmayeur

  • The Low Seasons are the Spring, March to May, and the Fall, Mid-September to November It is often characterized by high humidity and low temperature, making it moderately cold. At this time, there is still a large number of non Skiing tourists.
  • The Summer is High Season; usually, the busiest time of the year, and starts from June to Mid-September. Precipitation is often low, and the temperatures are comfortable. The price of accommodation is more likely to skyrocket. This period is a time for Couples and Families interested in Relaxing, SPA, Hiking, and Private Guided Tours of the surrounding areas.
  • From December to February, because it’s winter, it’s the favors time for a skier. Also, it coincides with some of the major festivals that are held at this time.

Book a Courmayeur Ski Package to enjoy the best that Italy has to offer. Ski all day, and enjoy your favorite Italian dishes. Enjoy a look at some of the historical remnants of the Town. To Book, Contact us or call 1 855 539 0045.

  • 7 Nights/8 Days
  • 4* Boutique or 5* Luxury Hotel or Chalet
  • Assistance and Porterage at Airports, Train Stations and Hotels
  • Private Transfers to and from Airport
  • Day Excursions and Private Guided Tour
  • Ski Passes and Ski Instructor on request
  • Meals: Half or Full Board
  • 24/7 Assistance and Support from our Ground Operational Office in Italy