If you are looking for tranquility and peace of mind within Italy, this is probably the tour that will most suit your needs. The towns of Abruzzo and Molise have been always known for their amazing cultural tradition, hillside spirit and off-beaten-tracks where you can hike, bike or find your way in the nature.

The small towns of Carunchio, Vasto, Lanciano, Trabocco and Monti della Laga will serve you with their best wine, culinary traditions and homemade meals so that you see how delicious and healthy the Abruzzese cooking can actually be.

Molise, on the other hand, is a region where you can watch real family production of mozzarella, burrata and caciocavallo and get to taste them in their original and unprocessed version. We will take you to a troll in Venafro, Campobasso and Isernia, one of the most picturesque towns in Molise.Engelberg is a Swiss village surrounded by very high mountains scenery. It is a pleasant village with welcoming locals in a friendly atmosphere. Engelberg is known to be an exceptionally well-organized resort with knowledgeable ski instructors and guides. You may experience many activities to guarantee you a lifetime exciting experience.

Ski Area

Engelberg skiing areas are perfect for all ski players: beginners, children, or enthusiasts. It is an area with 82km of ski runs for all difficulty levels, with plenty of varieties for everyone to enjoy. Engelberg has two main ski areas Titlis and Brunni. Brunni ski area is smaller than Titlis and is often used by beginners and families with very young kids. Ski areas found in Titlis are Steinberg, Galtiberg, Laub, Sulz, and Steintali, each offering a different and exciting experience. They are the slopes used by skiing enthusiasts who are after a more thrilling and extreme adventure. Gatlinburg is the longest of them, all with a length of around 200meters.

Titlis area is the main ski area in Engelberg, with most ski slopes and lifts located there. It is set on an altitude of 1050m to 3020m. Most ski runs are located at an altitude of 1800m, meaning that snow is pretty guaranteed during the winter season. They also have snow cannons in plenty on the lower slopes. The ski slopes are mainly red, with a few being blue and black.

In bad weather, it is recommended to ski in the Brunni ski areas because it’s filled with trees along with the stipulated runs, unlike the Titlis, which has no enough trees and could be dangerous during bad weather.

Snow records

Engelberg’s highest altitude is at 3000m and is near the northern edge of the alps. The area experiences little or no rains in some periods, but the chances of finding snow any time that you visit here are higher than other alps around.


There are always events in every season here—events for the summer and events that suit the winter. Most of the events are usually set to take place in the evening during the day. People are into skiing during winter and other activities. The events include winter hiking and snowshoeing events.

Other activities aside from skiing include sledding; there are snow parks for sledding. This is usually an après ski, which happens typically in the evening. Get to the local bars and clubs and revel until the wee hours of the morning.

Snowmobiling is another activity in Engelberg. Snowmobiling is taking a ride on motorized vehicles, which are designed specifically for winter.

An ice skating rink is also available near Berghotel Trubsee. It is an activity that we would recommend in the evening, especially after a hard day skiing.  For adrenaline pumping even, try out zip lining. And finally, there is cross-country skiing. Engelberg has cross-country trails extending to over 35 kilometers. There are nice pistes for cross-country skiing in Engelberg, located on the Engelberg’s lower slopes. The longer ones are found in the valleys there, but when the snow is less, one can use the shorter loops available at Trubsee and Gerschialp.


Though it’s not a big resort, Engelberg has good restaurants that offer the best quality foods. You will find Local, Italian, Chinese, and Indian restaurants and several Steak Houses


There are many excellent hotels with good services for accommodation in Engelberg. Those planning to ski at the Brunni ski area will find several 4* Boutique and 5* Hotels near the ski area. Berglodge visits are also there in the mountains with the best views. As part of your Ski Package, Italy Luxury Tours will provide you with the accommodation that best suits your needs and requirements.

Best time to go there

The Ski season in Engelberg lasts typically from December to around May. It is the period with enough amount of snow with an almost certain snow period to the end. With special attention paid to the glacial terrain found in the high altitudes, one may enjoy the ski packages from even the month of October to May.

How to get there

The Engelberg’s growth as one of the best ski destinations has made its access more comfortable. There are direct flights available to Zurich from all the European cities with flights from New York, Los Angeles, and Tokyo. Zurich airport is 100 km from the resort. As part of your Ski Package, Italy Luxury Tours will provide you with a Private Transfer to and from your Hotel.

Book your Engelberg Ski Package now and get to enjoy your wildest fantasies.

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