On our Family and Friends Private Group Tour (Min. 18 to a Max. 24 People), you will discover Italy’s most beautiful cities and soak up its regional culture with exclusive trips and authentic experiences to keep you captivated. Explore Italy’s most exciting destinations: Rome, Sorrento, Capri, Amalfi Coast, Florence, Pisa, San Gimignano, Siena, and Venice. In each iconic place, we will be treated to inside stories that only local experts know. Experience priceless art, mythic monuments, and tempting food with the benefit of having the one-on-one attention of our own dedicated guide answering all your questions. We will learn about the country’s varied history and incredible food and wines. Moreover, with a skip, the line timed entrance tickets included we will spend our precious holiday time learning from our local guides.

The Tour begins with 3 Nights in the Eternal City of Rome, Italy’s capital and largest city. On the arrival day enjoy a Welcome Dinner at a local characteristic restaurant close to the Hotel. During our stay in Rome, you will uncover its Ancient past by visiting The Colosseum and Roman Forum, then explore Vatican City and The Sistine Chapel.

We then continue to Sorrento for 3 Nights; on route we enjoy a Lunch/Food & Wine Tour at the bottom of Mount Vesuvius and then visit with our Guide Pompeii Archeological Site. From here we will visit Capri and spend a lovely day on The Amalfi Coast by visiting Amalfi and Ravello.

Then we board a Fast Train in Premium Class to Florence. During our 3 Nights in Florence, the birthplace of the Renaissance, we will visit Florence and Pisa: Admire masterpieces by Giotto and Michelangelo and the famous Leaning Tower.  We will venture into Chianti Tuscan countryside with its rolling hills and pencil-thin trees. Here we visit Siena and San Gimignano, with a fantastic Lunch/Food and Wine Tour in a Wine Estate.

The Tour ends with 3 Nights in Venice. Here we: Visit St’ Mark Square and then go beyond the typical and see the lesser-visited areas away from the crowds; Enjoy a taking a ride on a traditional gondola; Explore Venice Lagoon with a Murano and Burano Private Boat Guided Tour.

This Private Tour offers the right mix of unique experiences, off the beaten path spots, and downtime that strengthens Family and Friends relationships bond and creates priceless memories.

Family & Friends | Italy Classic Private Group Tour

12 Nights/13 Days

Day 01: Sun. Oct 18, 2020 Rome Arrival | Welcome to Italy! Independent arrival at our Hotel in Rome (Private Transfer Optional). In the late afternoon, meet our Italy Luxury Tour Representative and rest of the Group at the hotel for a short briefing before heading out to a local characteristic restaurant for a Welcome Dinner. Overnight in Rome.

Day 02: Mon. Oct 19, 2020 Vatican Private Guided Tour | Breakfast at the Hotel. This morning we meet our driver at the hotel lobby. Private transfer to the Vatican to meet our Private Guide for a 4 Hours VIP Private Guided Tour. The first part of our tour focuses on the Renaissance period during which the Sistine Chapel, Raphael Rooms and Saint Peter’s Basilica were built. Here we spend plenty of time to absorb the atmosphere of this unique building. Our guide will also tell us about the Popes of Rome, their enclave and the fascinating story of how they are elected to office. We learn about the life and times of Michaelangelo, his relationship with Pope Julius II and relive how he worked and lived. We tour the Sistine Chapel viewing and discussing one of the most famous works of art in the world. We then move onto visit Saint Pater’s Basilica, home to masterpieces by Michaelangelo and Bernini. We go back to the story of Saint Peter and the life of the simple fisherman who became the first Pope of Christianity. We will also have time to visit the Belvedere courtyard, the impressive Pio Clementino museum with its beautiful Greek and Roman statues. Our guides will also show us the stunning candelabra gallery and the tapestries gallery as well as the astonishing Raphael Rooms, the Borgia’s apartment and examples of Bernini and Bramante’s work. The final part of the tour will focus on Saint Peter’s square; here we admire Michaelangelo’s Dome and Bernini’s colonnades. Return to your hotel. Lunch and rest of the day at leisure. Overnight in Rome.

Day 03Tue. Oct 20, 2020 | Ancient Rome Private Guided Tour | Breakfast at the Hotel. This morning we will meet our driver at the hotel lobby. Private transfer to the Colosseum to meet our Private Guide for a 3 Hours Private Guided Tour of the Wonders of the Ancient Rome. We are transported back to the days of the Caesars and the Roman legions as we visit, together with your private local guide. This tour begins with a visit to the most famous monument of Ancient Rome – the Colosseum.  We take you inside, skipping the long lines, and explain the history of the arena and the events that took place here, while we stand on the same spot as emperors, gladiators and the Roman mob. From here, our guide takes us through the Roman Forum, which was the center of politics as well as public life in Ancient Rome. Our guide will explain in detail how Romans spent their daily lives coming and going from the Forum and point out the areas in which notable historical events took place: including Julius Caesar’s funeral, when Marc Antony delivered his famous eulogy. We leave the Roman Forum behind to then visit the Circus Maximus, site of Ben Hur style races, the spot where chariot races were once held. We learn about the history of the venue and how it was big enough to hold a quarter of the city’s population.  Return to your hotel. Lunch and rest of the day at leisure. Overnight in Rome.

Day 04: Wed. Oct 21, 2020 | Rome → Pompeii Private Guided Tour → Sorrento | Breakfast at the Hotel. Meet our driver at the Hotel Lobby and private transfer to our Hotel in Sorrento. On route stop first at Cantine del Vesuvio, for a fantastic Eno-Gastronomic experience. The Estate is the most important winemaker of Lachrima Christi, located just a few hundred meters below the peak of the Volcano Vesuvius. Here we will have a classical Italian lunch that includes bruschetta with fresh tomatoes and olive oil served with salami and cheeses. Then, spaghetti will be served with little hill cherry tomatoes, accompanied by two different red wines. After lunch, continue to Pompeii, meet our Private Guide and enjoy a Private Guided Tour of Pompeii Archeological RuinsPompeii was buried under lava and ash from Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD and lay forgotten for hundreds of years. Enjoy a walking tour of Pompeii that will include: visits to the interiors of the homes of Pompeii’s wealthier citizens, Ancient streets where locals dined and where we’ll learn about traditional Roman cuisine, the amphitheater where we’ll talk of the Gladiators and the events staged in the arena. As well as enjoying numerous anecdotes about life in Pompeii that will include some of the Graffiti dating back to Roman times that are still visible throughout the ruins. Continue with a visit to the Ancient Forum, Pompeii’s center for religious, civil and economic life where we’ll walk through the ancient Macellum which was a covered food market that occupied a corner of the forum. Of the three different areas, the central section was intended for use by the imperial house, those to the sides for the sale of meat, whilst an area in the middle was for the cleaning and sale of fish. After the Tour, we will continue to our Hotel in Sorrento. Overnight in Sorrento.

Day 05: Thu. Oct 22, 2020 Capri Private Guided Tour | Breakfast at the Hotel. Meet our driver at the lobby to be transferred to Sorrento Pier where we will meet our Private Guide and Fast-Ferry across the Bay to reach Capri Island. From the port of Capri, travel by private minivans to arrive at the town of Anacapri, which is a delight to explore. Anacapri is a concentration of Mediterranean colors, scents, and sounds. Town life here has remained authentic despite the island’s tourism: tucked between the houses there are tiny, humble vegetable gardens surrounded by lush tropical plants. A walk around the center of Anacapri will take we past tiny Neapolitan tailor shops, artisan shoemakers, ladies sitting in the shade outside working on their knitting while exchanging gossip and news…all with the scent of the town’s lemon groves that permeates the air. Here we will visit Villa San Michele and the Axel Munthe Gardens. 70 years ago, Axel Munthe (1857-1949) died at the Royal Castle of Stockholm, aged 91. Munthe was a Swedish doctor and the personal physician to Queen Victoria of Sweden, as well as a successful author. His book The Story of San Michele (1929) became an international bestseller and was translated into nearly 50 languages. Axel Munthe had a modern, eclectic personality and enjoyed the company of the best-known intellectuals of his time. As a doctor, he took an interest in women’s psychology and was also very engaged in animal rights. He loved Italy and his enchanting property Villa San Michele at Capri is one of the most visited sights of the island. It is today a museum and a Swedish cultural institute. After returning to the town of Capri for lunch in a characteristic local restaurant, spend the afternoon exploring this enchanting part of the island. The best way to discover the island is by walking and breathing the special atmosphere along the tiny pedestrian alleys. The famous Piazzetta, has always been the center of life on the island. In the past, it served as a market square, where fish and vegetables were sold. In 1938, Raffaele Vuotto, placed a few tables outside his bar and from that moment on, the square became a fashionable meeting place for both locals and visitors Today, Capri’s celebrity-packed Piazzetta provides the perfect hunting ground for camera-clicking paparazzi, eager to capture images of the rich and famous, and tourists hoping to brush shoulders with their favorite Hollywood star. Late afternoon, return to Sorrento pier to be transferred to our Hotel. Overnight in Sorrento.

Day 06: Fri. Oct 23, 2020 | Amalfi and Ravello Private Guided Tour | Breakfast at the Hotel. Meet our driver and guide at the hotel lobby. One of the most intriguing coastlines in the world, The Amalfi coast is for sure one of the most striking sceneries existing in southern Italy. Apart from the stunning views, one can enjoy all along the drive, it is the road itself with its steep rocky cliffs overlooking the magnificent emerald colors of the Tyrrhenian sea. For centuries, the little villages have stayed quiet and almost immersed in a dreamlike atmosphere. It was only in the early 50’s that more and more families discovered the hospitality of those genuine local people that for generations had just dedicated their time to fishing and to the cultivation of a very wild landscape, creating the most impressive scenery of artificial terraces. Start our journey passing through the quaint villages of Praiano, the Fjord in Furore and Conca dei Marini, (voted in the top 100 most beautiful villages in all of Italy): natural arcs, caves, and lovely inlets before we visit the beautiful town of Amalfi. Historically the most important town of the area, Amalfi was one of the 4 Maritime Republic, and it has some of the oldest paper factories Italy; motherland of the inventor of the sea compass, etc. What is left of that glorious past is for sure the most important monument in town, the Duomo, with an impressive façade decorated with gorgeous mosaics at the top and a Moorish Tower. After lunch in a characteristic local restaurant, continue to the top of the mountains to Ravello, situated at 1100 feet above the sea level, the views of the coast below are for sure the most breath-taking scenery. The town of Ravello is for sure the best place where to leave the crowds and where to enjoy the quiet of a village, where most of the historical center is still untamed, and still recalling the magnificence of the grand private residences. Here we visit Villa Rufolo. The villa was built in the 13th century for the wealthy Rufolo dynasty and was home to several Popes as well as King Robert of Anjou. Wagner was so inspired by the gardens when he visited in 1880 that he modeled the garden of Klingsor (the setting for the second act of the opera Parsifal). Early afternoon we return to our Hotel. Overnight in Sorrento.

Day 07: Sat. Oct 24, 2020 Sorrento → Naples → Florence | Breakfast at the Hotel. We meet our driver in the lobby. Enjoy a Private transfer to Naples Train Station. Here we will meet our Assistant who will facilitate our boarding a Fast Train to Florence. Upon our arrival at Florence Train Station, we meet by our Assistant who will facilitate our Private Transfer to the Hotel. Porterage has been arranged at both Train Station. Overnight in Florence.

Day 08: Sun. Oct 25, 2020 Florence and Pisa Private Guided Tour | Breakfast at the Hotel. Meet our guide at the hotel lobby. This morning we enjoy a 3 Hours Florence Private Walking Guided Tour. As we walk through the streets and piazzas of Florence, we’ll discuss the ideas of the Renaissance, the lives of many famous artists, the Medici family, and how life changed forever during this epic period of the history of Florence. In between the famous landmarks, we’ll take enchanting backstreets and alleys paved with the original stones from ancient times. After enjoying a walk through the historical center follow our guide along the windy pathways to a stop in Piazza del Duomo. Be awed as we take in the glory of the Duomo. Marvel at the intricacy of the pink, white and green marble that covers the exterior, then gaze up at the striking cupola. We’ll also see Giotto’s bell tower (Campanile di Giotto), and the bronze baptistery doors by Ghiberti. Then continue to the Accademia Gallery, home to Florence’s most treasured work of art – “Michelangelo’s David”. After enjoying an in-depth discussion of David, we’ll also admire “Michelangelo’s Slaves”: A series of breath-taking sculptures of original captives of the stone. After lunch in a characteristic local restaurant, travel to Pisawhose major attraction is the splendid and imposing Leaning Tower. We travel along the banks of the River Arno, flanked by elegant Renaissance Palaces and Churches, like the splendid gothic facade of Santa Maria Della Spina. During this part of our tour of Pisa, our guide will talk about the history of this town, which in XI century was a mighty maritime nation, one of the four Marine Republics of Italy. Continue to the extraordinary Piazza Dei Miracoli, dominated by the world-famous Leaning Bell Tower. Partly paved and partly grassed, it’s dominated by four great edifices: the Duomo (Cathedral), the famous leaning towerthe Baptistry and the monumental Cemetery. In the late afternoon return to our hotel in Florence. Overnight in Florence.

Day 09: Mon. Oct 26, 2020 | San Gimignano & Siena Private Guided Tour | Breakfast at the Hotel. Meet our driver and guide in the lobby. Today first stop in San Gimignano. The small town is a fantastic example of medieval architecture declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, famous for its medieval skyscrapers. These tower houses were built by local families at the height of the Guelph-Ghibelline conflict. As we stroll around this compact hill town, our Private Guide will introduce us to the life & times of Medieval San Gimignano. We will begin our tour from San Gimignano’s main gate, where the medieval city walls are still completely visible. During our walk, we stop at Torre Cugnanesi and then continue to the two main squares: the first one named after the cistern located at its center, the second where political and religious institutions are located and the little market square: Piazza delle ErbeThe Duomo in San Gimignano is one of the few churches in Italy that are entirely decorated with frescoes, it was used as a film location a few years ago, for Tea with Mussolini by the famous movie director Franco ZeffirelliThe Civic Museum boasts a precious collection of wooden paintings dating from 13th to 16th centuries, works by artists such as Coppo di MarcovaldoBenozzo GozzoliFilippino LippiPinturicchio. Here is the access to the only tower of San Gimignano open to the public. Spend some time here at leisure before meeting with our driver and heading to a Wine and Olive oil tasting with light lunch at Podere La Marronaia, a family-run Winery. Here we are warmly welcomed by its passionate winemaker and after the guided tour of the cellars and the lovely aromatic garden; a delicious tasting of different wines and local products will be waiting for we to make we a lovely Tuscan Lunch. In the afternoon, together with our Guide visit Siena. Walking along the narrow medieval streets, we admire the splendid Cathedral where we can visit the marvelous interior including the Libreria Piccolomini. We continue to Piazza del Campo, where the famous Palio horse race is held twice a year, overlooked by imposing Palazzo del Comune. Siena was a very remarkable City-State in the Middle Ages, most of its important monuments were built between the XIII and the XIV century, today we can still admire these artistic and architectural wonders. There are so many hidden spots within the city walls where past and present blend together. They are of the tourists’ beaten paths and can be discovered only with a Private Guide. Free time to stroll around, before we return to our Hotel. Overnight in Florence.

Day 10: Tue. Oct 27, 2020 | Florence → Venice | Breakfast at the Hotel. We meet our Driver at the Hotel lobby to enjoy a Private transfer to Venice. Upon our arrival in Venice, we will be met by our Assistant who will facilitate our Private Transfer by Private Boat to our Central Venice Hotel. Rest of the day at leisure. Venice is built on more than 100 small islands in a lagoon in the Adriatic Sea. It has no roads, just canals – including the Grand Canal – lined with Renaissance and Gothic palaces. The central square, Piazza San Marco, contains St. Mark’s Basilica, which is tiled with Byzantine mosaics, and the Campanile Bell Tower offering views of the city’s red roofs. Venice is known as “La Dominante“, “La Serenissima“, “Queen of the Adriatic“, “City of Water“, “City of Masks“, “City of Bridges“, “The Floating City“, and “City of Canals“. The lagoon and a part of the city are listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Overnight in Venice.

Day 11: Wed. Oct 28, 2020 | Venice Private Walking Guided Tour with Gondola Ride | Breakfast at the Hotel. This morning we meet our Personal Guide at the Hotel lobby for a 2-hour enchanting Venice Private Guided Tour. We explore the famous sites and hidden charms of Venice on this walking tour, followed by a ride through the city’s canals on an iconic gondola. Follow our local guide through a romantic maze of surrounding backstreets to discover some of Venice’s lesser-known gems. We walk around the famous St. Mark’s Square (Outside). Learn origins, history, and description of the main monuments like the St. Mark’s Church, the Gothic Doge’s PalaceBell TowerClock Tower, and Procuratie. Leaving the crowd behind, strolling about the narrow alleys, we see the non-touristy areas of the city. Our tour will continue first to Santa Maria Formosa then to Campo St. Giovanni e Paolo – The “Pantheon” of Venice, the great School of Charity. Admire Marco Polo House and Malibran Theatre: Return to San Marco through the mercerie, vital connection between Rialto and San Marco and the main street for the city shopping. At the end of the tour embark on a quintessential Venetian experience with a private gondola ride through the famed canals of Venice. Glide past ancient palazzos and magnificent cathedrals on a traditionally handcrafted gondola. Late afternoon return to our Hotel. Overnight in Venice.

Day 12: Thu. Oct 29, 2020 | Murano and Burano Islands Private Boat Tour | Breakfast at the hotel. Meet our guide at the hotel lobby. This morning, we enjoy an excursion into the Venetian lagoon to escape the crowds of Venice to enjoy the peace and tranquility of the Venetian lagoon. We start our Private Murano & Burano Boat Tour itinerary visiting the island of Burano, one of the most picturesque of the Venetian lagoon. Burano’s brightly colored houses line its boat-filled canals. The tradition of painting houses in this manner is said to relate to the island’s heritage as a fishing village—the bright colors made it easier for returning fishermen to find their homes in the thick fog of the lagoon. It is also said that the Burano residents favor the bright paint as a well of marking where one property ends, and another begins. Famous for its lace-making industry, as part of this excursion, our guide can take us to visit the lace museum, where we can see splendid artifacts made by the local women over the centuries. After a pleasant stroll around the Island of Burano, we make our way to Murano which is the most famous of the Venetian Islands, thanks to the world-known “Murano Glass”, produced here. The people of Venice have been making crystal and glass since the 10th Century when the Venetian merchants brought back the secrets of production from the East. As part of our Private Venice Murano & Burano Island Boat Tours at Murano, we’ll visit a selected glass-factory. We’ll see a demonstration of glassblowing as well as visit the factory’s showroom full of beautiful glassware that exemplifies the high quality of glass produced on the Island. An Optional visit on this excursion from Venice, if time permits, will be the Murano Glass Museum which can be arranged directly with our guide on the day of the tour. Return to Venice for lunch and the rest of the day at leisure. This evening we will meet the rest of the Group at the hotel for a Farewell Dinner in a charming Venice neighborhood. Overnight in Venice.

Day 13: Fri. Oct 30, 2020 | Venice Departure | Breakfast at the Hotel. Independent transfer to Venice Airport or Train Station. (Private Transfer Optional) Arrivederci! Ciao! Buon Viaggio!

  • 3 Nights Rome: River Palace Hotel 4* in Superior Room in BB
  • 3 Nights Sorrento: Hotel Capodimonte 4* in Premier Sea View/Balcony in BB
  • 3 Nights Florence: Hotel Michelangelo 4* in Superior Room in BB
  • 3 Nights Venice: Hotel Savoia e Jolanda 4* in Superior Room in BB
  • Transportation by Mercedes Sprinter with English Speaking Driver
  • Fast Train: Naples → Florence: Assistance and Porterage at Train Station
  • Private Guided Tours by Professional Local Guides | Door to Door Service
  • Entrances to Museums, Galleries, Archeological Parks and other Venues
  • 12 Breakfast at Hotels
  • 3 Lunches
  • 2 Food & Wine Tours
  • 2 Dinners
  • 24/7 Assistance and Support from our Ground Operational Office in Italy

Tour Price:  Euro 3,185.00

Price per person in Euro based on a Min. 18 to a Max of 24 Passengers in Double/Twin Occupancy


There are only 18 to 24 spots available: Tour will be booked on a first come first served base

In the eventuality there are additional booking, we will close the Tour at a Maximum of 24 Participants

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